Please explain incubation requirement of apology gift

A number of team members, and based on LC others, have received an apology gift of significant tokens for Abyssal/Eldritch breeding. Please explain though why there is a requirement to have incubated the eggs to receive this? It seems to be a very unfair requirement when you consider many who only bred a single legendary Eldritch got the apology, but someone who bred the dragon but was a few levels short to incubate and waiting for next fort did not. You have effectively given one player a massive boost over another towards the second Eldritch despite the players being close in player levels?

Both players could be following the same strategy for the next breeding event and been at the “same point” in that strategy but now one has a significant benefit over the other in terms of execution…

The guidelines on this apology gift would appear to be very detrimental to players caught at a certain point between Eldritch and Abyssal tiers.



Bogus selection criteria. Hatched, not hatched, same difference.
Half of the folks who breed but watch their timers should be on the warpath.


I just ask politely for explanation. If I don’t get it because I am missing few lvls to hatch the egg. Ohh there will be many posts to follow.

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I bred and hatched an Eldritch legendary and did not receive any sort of gift, so whoever told you it has to do with incubating the egg is clearly wrong. I really don’t know why some got it and others didnt though.

Ok so I didn’t get it because I am lower in lvl???

IIUC, only people that performed and incubated certain breeds, using specific choices received the apology gift.

eg: if you bred using a combo that was changed…

Mine was changed. I had Ladron.

So making the egg means not affected?
I finished mine before the post was made there were problems with anyone on Lad and Med paths. Again, bogus.

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Pretty sure mine was a path that changed and Zendesk is stating the issue is I did not hatch it. That is the issue I take as being unreasonable. I had fully bred my egg within the window stated. I am therefore no different than someone who had only bred a single Eldritch but a few levels higher and could hatch, they now have an additional 100k tokens over me for the next breed event where I will have gone through a fort and have hatched my Eldritch? How is that possibly fair? If the requirement was players who had bred and hatched 2 Eldritch legendaries…fine, but it wasn’t based on the Zendesk feedback. So hence why the request for an explanation on why they are penalising some players.

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An explanation of the incubation requirement would be much appreciated. Someone who bred the same dragon, using the same number of tokens gets a 100k bonus because they are higher level than me. I have verified that someone who bred the same dragon got the gift. In a competitive game this is a big boost to those that got it vs those who did not.

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Incubation has nothing at all to do with breeding paths and nothing to do with spending egg tokens. So if breeding paths for mythic abyssals and legendary eldritch is what was messed up - anyone who bred towards those dragons was affected regardless of whether or not they incubated the egg or even finished breeding the dragon. Paths being messed up affected anyone who looked at those paths and made their breeding decisions from them. These are just a few examples of how lots of players were affected that you don’t even consider.

Anyone who bred towards a mythic abyssal or legendary eldritch should be gifted or everyone in the entire game.


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With the way this is being presented by support, this seems like a classic case of PG not understanding the mechanics of their own game.


why did u not incubate or speed it up?

Because some of us are so badly starved for timers that blowing an extra 31 days on an invader quality dragon did not make much sense?

All this illustrates is that PG is only committed to the very top folks who bred every single Exhausted tier dragon they could in the first few hours. They get something. The others, Sorry Charlie!


or level to get another or change devine over to new tier

its very simple… No Soup For You! :slight_smile:

… except replace soup with eggs.

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This needs resolved soon. Not hard to figure out. Just gift the 100k to every player that bred towards mythic abyssals or eldritch legendaries. Problem solved and even though it doesn’t make up for the problems you semi make players happy instead of telling us all once again that you don’t care at all.


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It was a certain path not aby mythics or ed legendarys

Read above - even a certain path affected anyone who based their breeding decisions on incorrect paths. Additionally that’s not what PGs reasons and explanation have been nor their basis for gift qualification. They gave the gift to anyone who incubated a mythic abyssal or legendary eldritch. Not just users who used a certain path - at least that’s what they’ve said and we’ve seen so far. So as has already been mentioned they based their reasoning on something that has nothing to do with spending eggs and they have not considered ANY of the ways users were actually affected.


Back breeded i read it i recieved it and folks said they did not get breeding new tier and incubated first day what they said was there wasa problem with the eldr and mythic abmysal path it was incorrect so folks whom bred that path to back breed the mythic got the tokens of course incubated due to the fact that some could not incubate so they could not back breed