Please explain this mystery

I’m pretty much sure,that someone already bring it here,but since I can’t see that link,I’ll start new one
So,can anyone from PG team kindly explain us,why the same item can be rare and epic drop at the same time?
It doesn’t make any sense
If you want to tell me,that it’s special rarity system for super sigils chests,I’m stilk not sure,that it’s correctly,because other epic drops in ss chests looks legit
So why we had 25 sigils “epic” drop and who think that it worth 1k rubies?
Thank you in advance @Arelyna


What scares me most here is the concept of opening single super sigil chests, instead of sets of 10… :open_mouth:


Same, I was gonna say… lmfao.
But @ OP: I agree with you. The x25 sigils should be removed completely from Super Sigil chests. Just a ripoff in my opnion. :t_rex:


Did it for my super mini lvl 50,just because it’s a pain to grind 5k rubies
Not like it’s a big drama
I’m more confused with whole situation in general
I remember,during winter/spring season there was something similar happening and ppl have been getting compensation for this ridiculous drop
This time it have been done on purpose and everyone seems ok with it,lol
Of course,it’s obvious,that it makes sense to open only 10 chests,but when you opening,for example,1 gold chest,you gonna get a drop,which is equal “gold” chest and 800rubies
Concept of possibility to pay 1k rubies for 25 sigils looks like a robbery
The fact that this drop exist already wrong imo


One of those mathmeticians on here said it no longer matters if you do singles or 10x

It doesn’t matter now.

I can say with almost absolute confidence that it makes zero difference at all.

It doesn’t matter for gold or bronze.

Try it.

When you are at zero on the bonus counter.

You will get 2 epic and one legendary in every 3, no matter how you open them.

Well except 1 super sigil chest costs 1k rubies, and 10 chests cost 5k…

You are correct that it won’t affect the drops anymore though.

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1k rubies for 25 Sigils nice :joy: you got the lottery hahaha. So sorry for you.

pg knows no matter what they do or do not do, people will continue to play and spend loads of $$$$$

Ah. Yeah. The cost. Duh.

Less true for the others, since we get some for free.

But yes, paying rubies for a single of any chest is silly.

Sorry, I’m a little slow today.


I think my mate is right and we all have a Stockholm syndrome

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Trying to find the sense and excuse In things,which doesn’t make any sense😹

That sounds terrible. I hope it’s not contagious.

What should we do?

Don’t spend until the fix it! :+1::wink:

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You mean,never ?:joy_cat:
I have troubles with self control
And unfortunately boycotting won’t work ever :grimacing:


everything is a joke now. pg is just playing the WD community for fools

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