Please Fix Event Prizes

Prizes can’t be more out of touch than this. Mythic Ice Turret Attack? Really? Can PG for the love of god bring prizes to the current meta? Thanks


Yeah those runes are more than a bit silly by now. Personally, I’d take a downgrade in rarity if it would be runes for modern towers. Like legendary and even epic glyphs for orreries, archmages, oculus towers, volt towers.

And then put epic and rare runes for those in silvers as well.


an empty cabbage is a better prize to be fair…


…you see now how bad that rune is…

Well, 400k dust is better than nothing. Though I’d love to see the dust boosted to 4m. :joy:


But but but. We AAAAALLLL have a max level turret surely :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

We absolutely need event and silver chest runes updated (also breeding and FP prizes all around). Most of the glyphs we do get from events are completely outdated, the exception being the rage glyphs that we only see once in a blue moon.
If these glyphs are supposed to be an incentive to push more to get them then they need to actually be worth pushing for. Almost none of them are incentivizing anyone.

I dont know if it’s plausible but I wouldn’t mind seeing some runes and glyphs for perches. Like increased firing speed for the perch or maybe the ability to deal partial damage through a cloak or dodge.


True. And if there are better and up-to-date glyphs to go for in event prizes maybe there will be more effort from more players in a team to go for them during pvp events and not only the goal to reach the 8/8 prize level. Pvp events are lame and the overall prizes in them aren’t really helping much also like the packs to buy.


It’s mind boggling that PG doesnt seem to understand the basic concept that if you give people something worth going for they will be more willing to do so. That people in general arent interested in spending money or excessively using rss/time to get garbage.
If prizes were better people would be more willing to push to obtain them. If packs were better then more people would be willing to spend on them. If you offer people things they’re interested in (like base skins, special portraits, better runes and glyphs, ect) then they’re actually more likely to get them. Like it’s such a basic concept that they completely dont seem to understand at all. Making junk that no one wants is a waste of time and money.


Which island would you propose that the glyph be added to, cause it’s technically it’s own island?

Or are you saying put it directly on the perch itself (that’s what the rider does, so maybe you’re looking at new rider abilities)

I would think it would need to go on the monument that covers the perch’s island just like any other rune. Like I said, I dont know how plausible it would be since riders dont buff perches

I suppose they could make special perch runes that would go on the dragon and actually do something.
Overall though I’d just like to see some new stuff that isnt pointless busywork in atlas.


How about like the Zero Duck Shoot at the County Fair? Originally we used to get Easter Eggs for knocking Home Dragon Off Perch! Those were indeed quite unique Prizes! Likely not by today’s standards… but back in the days when we had to design our own dragons from tables of strengths and abilities anything at all was quite the surprise kicker! Then we got Medicine Chests added to our Dragon Den Workshops (and in spite slight glitch that Spell Vials and Flasks didn’t show up for at least a couple of weeks at first - even that made the hidden surprise of what each spell could do all the more suspenseful and exciting… so, yeah, maybe about time to bring some unique and actually tenable trust with a forward eye towards incentives … like God Runes that maybe rare as hell but Max out whatever Dragon or Tower attached to … but better than maxed so say Maxed Plus 10 to 25 percent on top whatever average users might achieve with effort and ability in due time.

Who still using turret as main tower, right?

I use for merge only, thousands of shards for it…

The economy in this game is deliberately off so that the economy of their real life back account is strong.