Please fix how we attach pictures to help tickets

When you want to attach a picture to a help ticket, it goes to your oldest picture on your device. Please switch it around, so we don’t have to scroll threw tons of pictures to find the picture we just took. Your old help system had the pictures with the most recent one first. Please do that again.




I’m aware that this isn’t urgent, so please don’t tell me other things are more important. I just want them to be aware of the fact that this is annoying.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I have a couple thousand pictures on my phone, it takes several minutes to scroll through pictures to add a screenshot to a ticket.

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 10.1"

for submitting tickets and enclose screenshots. I have never ever experienced what you describe. It always gives me the most recent image.

I’m on iOS and it seems like when I try to attach a picture, the app is only accessing a certain album of photos. Like a certain set of recent photos that may be synced to the iCloud, but not the most recent photos on my phone. Very odd.

Yep I was wondering why it does that…I never posted a ss for this reason lol

It goes to the album on my iPad that has every single picture in it. So at least I can get to the picture. It’s just annoying having to scroll so much to find it.

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I am on android and it’s always the most recent pictures I have taken, never had what you get, I would like them to sort out something with regards to that, when I reply to a ticket, I need to attach the image first before I type anything otherwise the option to add an attachment disappears, it only returns once I come out of the support page all together and then go back in

That’s annoying. I don’t have that problem.

@Arelyna @PGMichael

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Yeah it’s frustrating lol especially when I’m attacking and my health bar shows as empty when I only just started the attack lol the suggestions to help it haven’t been that great tbh, I mean I appreciate the quick responses but they haven’t actually helped me at all

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