Please fix Rhyo's minion

Right around the time the Flak towers were originally messed up, Rhyo’s minon appears to have taken a serious nerf. I thought it was just the flak tower change that was instantly vaporizing an expert Rhyo w/rider’s minion, but post balancing it’s only slightly better.

Now, after 4.00, he isn’t instantly vaporized, but dies within a second or two. I still have to cast minon 3-4 times on a base, which for a 3 rage spell is ridiculous. Either drop his cost to 1 rage or give him more than 100 hit points, please. I’d prefer the minion have some decent hit points so it’s useful, personally.

Is it possible you are just seeing red mage supershot instantly Unsunmon? It’s somewhat recent that supershots would impact summons like that

Anything is possible I suppose, but he takes a lot of damage on a mageless invader base. He survives the entire run… barely.

It just seems like he was silently nerfed into the stone age a while back.

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