Please "fix" storage for lower players



I think storage was cited as an example and not the alpha and omega of the request. However in light of the existing cost reductions and the pending grindable timers I think we can laser focus on Perch (please see the other post) and storage.

The two big jumps at player level 169 and 226 are more legacy numbers than anything. A level 226 player is still just a babe in the woods.

Please seriously consider either smoothing storage or better yet reducing the timer cost until the last 10 levels or so. This is a win win. No player will ever sit between Fort events with an idle builder. Storage doesn’t have to land exactly at 30 days with max discount as the player will start upgrading something else and most likely use timers to free up the builder during the next Fort.

YotP! This is an easy win for everyone who isn’t end game. Thanks.


I have a graph for this. :slight_smile:

(so yes, i agree)


Graphs are good!


11 days later, no response. Not even a “We are looking at it.” Same for tier discounts for the perch.

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Then you know something we don’t!

Storage was specifically addressed in some private conversation or you ass/u/me PG actually intends to incorporate legacy cost fixes into a pending update they previously ignored? What about Black Pearls? Rune Dust? Some generic “We are looking at the economy…” doesn’t satisfy anyone that I know.

We’ve heard that noise for years now with no movement.


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