Please get rid of your blatant pay to win ways! Elites


We have lived through multiple ‘pay to win’ money grabs, like mega coins, etc. This new weekly atlas buff is just too much. Your greed has gone too far. I come from the original gaming structure that you bought a game for approx 50-60$ and you expect to play the game and support for it for about a year until an expansion pack comes out. Yeah I’m old I guess. However, when I pay for the regular elite benefits, I feel like I’ve essentially purchased the game from PG. So anything beyond that I spend should be gravy to PG. So now you want another elite type payment for atlas… I can stomach that too… maybe another 30$ a year and I’ve bought atlas. However, that’s not the case. You want 160 for a year (guessing 5 times 52 weeks). 1) that’s too damn much money for the average player. 2) the benefits given are way out of bounds for a free to play game. If you dont pay for this “buff” your progress, compared to those that do pay, is like going 55 on the highway and getting passed by someone going 200 mph…like you are sitting still. But if I did the math correctly it’s probably worse than 200 mph to make an accurate comparison. PG, i dont know who you hired that’s coming up with these ideas, but fire them. You are making yourself as bad as Mobile Strike. Almost everyone I’ve gotten to play this game, I recommended because you werent robbing us to play. Sure you are gonna pay some but you didn’t have a pay to win mentality. I saw this changing slowly some time ago and now you just jack-slapped me in the face with a blatant reason to never ever recommend this game to anyone again. You are just wrong…pure dee wrong. #ruinedgame
If you need to make an elite for atlas than do so on the same pay structure as elite for the regular part of the game. I can stomach that and feel like I’m helping you make the game better. But if your game was sitting their on the shelf for purchase for 190$ (cost of both elite statuses), it would continue to sit on the shelf.


This sounds very much like it belongs in this thread: Thoughts on Atlas Elite subscription

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