Please Give me back my rubies


I send a message to CS.

I spent 50k rubies on super sigil chest. After I claimed the season rewards, everything including rubies, sigils, and season rewards disappeared and never came back. I want my items back asap. Please check the my expenditure log and give me back.
2018.08.31 pm 6~7

But CS. KH reply me.

Check time, check going season reward number, check yersterday’s sigil and check now sigil, check rubies yesterday and now And etc.
Told me and I help you

Am I must remember all of my season reward?!
KH, you are not cs?!
What the hell
your reply was suck.

Give me back about my spent rubies 50k asap.
here you want my now season rewards sistuation!
And my super sigil chest some of all,




go to apple for refund


Unfortunately, that won’t work if it’s saved up rubies


Would you please post the ticket number here?


Refund it is


Contact Apps store of you using Apple, or Contact Google if you using Android.

But you can message @Arelyna or @PGCrisis to talk about this issue


:roll_eyes: They may need the ticket number though…


We need the ticket number to be able to investigate what happened here. Sounds like it may have been a sync error from claiming so many things at once, but that is just a guess.


Support will probably tell you that since it’s a sync error (if is is or not is irrelevant) that nothing was actually lost. It’s observed error that you don’t have any sigils, rubies, or prizes. This has been the answer I’ve been getting for months now.

Good luck…


I spent 1000 rubies and got 25 Sigil’s


@Franxx4, unfortunately, there is a chance when you open one chest at a time, that you will only get 25 sigils.


One every 4-6 chests


You shouldn’t advertise 5000 when you’re only going to get 25 on the first chest you should put that in when you advertise. thank you


So I have to buy 10 chest for 5000 before I’ll get anything better than 25?


Not necessarily. It is a random chance whether you open one chest or 10. I’ve gotten my fair share of 25 sigils opening up sigil chests.


Listen to orca.

Or read the thread about the sigil chests. There’s one open (the others are too old).


I have open 14 bronze chest in a row I got a couple epic things but most of them were common.



You didn’t get a couple epics. If you did, I must learn the secret.


The ads doesn’t lie. It’s there, although it’s 1 out of 910 Sigil chests


And I was saying 1/1000… Darn. I should count next time. :joy: