PLEASE give us an "attack again" button

Most games of this type have a way to repeat an action immediately.
The most tedious part of events and base attacks is the requirement to go through several steps to return to the exact same base you intend to hit, rather than just repeat the attack with one button.

Give us an “attack again” button so that we can just jump back into the action right away instead of this:

  • Return home.
  • View your event points results.
  • Hit continue to return to the event map.
  • Tap the team you want to attack.
  • Tap the player you want to attack.
  • Choose your energy value.
  • Choose your dragon.
  • Attack.

This is completely unnecessary when we could just hit a base multiple times with one button and THEN get a summary of our collected points after the fact. Having to go through all of these steps every single time is just monotonous. This would help speed up events for everyone, and would make them a lot more enjoyable, as the pressure of the war would be stronger and quicker. People can accumulate points faster, which would help with seasons. It just all makes sense to me, and baffles me that the game doesn’t already include it.

I know bookmarks exist, but that doesn’t help events at all.


This is why some events have the Raid button. It is not always necessary. Like in this event.

So you’re telling me there is a button to allow this, but it’s not available until they decide it is?


As for it not being necessary, I disagree. I think the player should have the option.

How long have you been playing???

The raid button is a bit different, there you don’t even have to fly the second run. What the OP is asking for is simply an “attack this target again” button on the result screen, to skip all the selection steps. Like the one you get on regular resource runs, basically.


@GhostRider419 I don’t even remember. A year maybe? I’ve been working a lot during the pandemic.
@Morreion Exactly.

Agree it’s tedious and slows attacking down I think it’s a good suggestion :+1:

Ah, ok. I must have misunderstood. I think that’s valid and a time saver.

Agree. This is what’s called quality of life improvement. Not some random unnecessary auto attack dragons.

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