Please help, I have several bugs

First bug: I keep getting this “Sync Error” notification every time I try to claim a prize from the latest fortification event. This has been happening since the first day of the event. I’m connected to WiFi and I’ve tried exiting the game and entering back in but that didn’t work, no matter how many times I try. It’s getting very frustrating and I would like to claim my prizes before the event ends so my effort won’t be a complete waste.

Second Bug: This hasn’t happened during the event until today and it only happens every other time I enter the game but I still thought I should mention it. The game reloads sometimes when I enter the game, it says it needs to update but there are no latest updates to the game that I don’t already have. Again, I’m connected to WiFi but it still shows up for some reason.

Third Bug: This has also been there since the start of the event. I have -3 rubies, which I thought wasn’t possible to have, and it has been stuck like that. I haven’t gained nor lost any rubies no matter what I do.

Fourth bug(?): I’m not sure if the event island is or isn’t supposed to show up for fortification events but if it is supposed to show up then my event island did not, and I am very confused.

If anyone can help me with these problems, I’d be extremely appreciative. Thank you.

You need to file a support ticket (The HELP button in settings). If you get an auto-reply, reply to it reiterating your issue. I believe the -3 rubies is the salient piece of info – negative currencies can cause multiple issues.

If you don’t get anywhere with support then you can put your ticket number here and ask a staffer like PGGalileo or DragonPunch to look at it.

The event island does not normally show up for minor events, so #4 isn’t a problem.

Okay, thank you so much for your response. This is very helpful, I will follow your instructions :slight_smile:

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