Please help me decide!

I have the first page of Aibrean and am breeding in gold. I want Oksana but I don’t know what is best for me to do. Should I finish Aibrean and start Oksana or ditch Aibrean and go for Oksana or a combination of both lines. Please help! I am a low level though only 52. What do you all think I should do?

Ditch Aibrean and get other dragons and rider up to platinum/sapphire stones.

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What do you mean by other dragons? My regular ones that aren’t devine?

No, other dragons that will be released this season. Get the warrior whatever his name is to platinum /sapphire, then get the 2 new dragons that will be released later to platinum / sapphire.

Do you think with my level i can get all those dragons?

No, you asked if you should get All the stones for Aibrean, the answer to that question is NO. By the time you get to use his harbinger stone there will be 6 new tiers. So strengthen your roster of dragons, get as many different dragons this season up to platinum/sapphire stone. If that is only 1 more dragon or 3 more dragons it doesn’t matter, its the principle.

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Ok thank you. But what about Oksana should I get her first or later or not at all

I say focus on Oksana. You can get her first page cheap now and she will stay with you forever and you can move her from dragon to dragon.

There are no must-have divines right now so after you completed Oksana’s first page, you can save your sigils and wait for the other divines to be released.

Also get the token bonus if you don’t have it yet.


I have the token bonus. Ok thank you for the advice guys!

… Seriously?


Yes, why does a level 50ish player need garnet/emerald/obsidian/harbinger stones?


Coach does have a solid point. Having one dragon that’ll last him a year or two or having 2-3 dragons for variety that’ll last him 6-9 months.

Considering we get new divines each season it’s not a bad shout at all and can easily get his powerful harbinger dragons when he is closer to the level

My first season I did what @Coach is suggesting and it worked out amazing. I had great dragons for war and to hit higher level bases. It was hard letting them go as I outgrew them but you will have so many new ones as seasons come and go, you will get over it.

edit: as far as Oksana yes focus on her 1st page

I partially agree with Coach here except the minimum that i’d go is sapphire, with recommendation for garnet egg on one dragon at a time.

Platinum tier simply comes and goes too quickly, sapphire takes a little while to get through, but you can get 1 garnet rather quickly with paths and then you can get the huge power boost that comes from the sapphire to garnet jump.

This also helps you to learn your dragons a bit better. Get a good lead dragon and a good follow dragon instead of trying to get 3 dragons this season, and learn how to use them together :slight_smile:


It really depends on play style and how quickly the OP wants to level up and progress with breeding.

As @mechengg pointed out; getting through Garnet with a good roster is pretty reliant on divines. Keeping divines for a long time allows for months and months to practice and the ability to perfect flying them in tight spots when that’s necessary (wars, events, garnet…). Sapphire and Plat stones aren’t going to last very long either. The list goes on.

What I would recommend is OP get first page of Oksana then save sigils until a good amount of time after the final dragons have been released and verdicts are out. Will give more time to think about what is wanted from the season and to take advantage of any other extra things that may come up.


I can put my house on the line betting that @Mechengg would suggest the same thing I suggested to a level 50. You’re telling me that a level 50 that has 10,000 dollars to spend to get to harbinger will ask if he should finish the line of 1 dragon or get the other dragons.

Seriously c’mon.

Also, you’re welcome to play with 1 seasonal dragon months and month and month, but you can play with 3 dragons for months and months and months because the points the OP will waste on getting emerald, obsidian and harbinger stones he could be getting other dragons and using them for a long time as well. Because I guarantee you that the OP is not going to be hitting those tiers for at least a year (mind you there will be 2 more tiers of dragons by the time he gets there)

To each it’s own though… My two cents.

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but you can only use 1 dragon per war hit. And the later prizes are better than the earlier ones.

But to answer the OP question it would depend on what other dragons she has. If she has Avyx or Nec (i doubt) then get rider and skip Aibrean. Otherwise i think it makes sense to get a hunter (or any 1 dragon) and stick with it for the season if only for the prizes on the second page.


So you use 1 dragon for every base regardless of the setup?

So you lead the base with 1 dragon regardless of the setup?

So you back in the wars with 1 dragon regardless of how the base has been set up by the lead?

All of those with 1 same dragon over and over again?

Cool, if I was a low level I’d rather have 3 strong dragons that can be used in variety of situations.

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no but i use a hunter regardless… And depending on what she got last season she may already have 1-2 other good dragons that will last for the next couple of seasons while she fills out her lineup. Like i said, it depends on what she already has.

But it doesn’t. She/he can get Aibrean and Warrior and other 2 that will be released and use them until Garnet (which she/he will not use past that stage because by that time she/he gets there there will be 4 more seasons with better dragons due to introduction of new tiers)

So, why get emerald, obsidian, harbinger stone for a dragon that by the time you use them will be crap?