Please Help return my game


Please help,I dont know what can I do.I wes sleep and my son login out from game and start new game with new email.How I can go back to my game and login in in my real game,because I don’t wont star like new


You need to log-out again and log in with you old email that you had in the first place.


I try but nothing happen


i try where is pocket id after facebook and google play


Go to the settings cog, then account, then log out, then sign in.


There saiing just create account,but how I can login in i dont know


Your pocket ID is the same email/password combo you used to sign into the forums.


Yes I go like seen on the video but when I open there iss just create and forgot pasword,but dont have log out


If a PocketID hasn’t already been created, then you would see an “I have an account.” button. If your son has actually replaced it with a new email, then you’d just tap log out under the new PocketID and email before getting to Lutrus’s image.


give us a screenshot of what you see on the log in page like what Lutrus just did.

Because I bet that the game is asking you to register an email to your son’s account and that is why you can’t log out without registering a new email.


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