Please increase max transfer and max XP caps

Very much appreciate the announced balancing pass. While you’re looking at stuff to balance/tweak, might I suggest that we’re long overdue for increases to the max RSS transfer rate and the max XP cap? It’s probably been close to a year since they were last increased. Max XP caps at level 186 and we have people pushing toward 600. With new tiers being released every 3-4 months and requiring more and more wood, food and XP, we are overdue to say the very least for a bump up. Please consider an appropriate increase.

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Agree needs revamped and updated, its time…

Any chance of an admin response on this? @Arelyna @PGJared

Seems to have been fairly well received by forum likers.


Bumping this up.
I know it’s the holidays, but when you get back- please can we get a response on this?
@Arelyna @PGCrisis

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New Year’s bump for a response (being looked at, yes, no, don’t go away angry, just go away, etc.)

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With confirmation of a new tier imminent, seems like the perfect time to request a response on this–leveling Obsidian mythics is painful with current XP caps, Harbinger will be brutal. It’s been a year, I hope you can help the dev team see the light here @Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGAnyoneAtAll

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Don’t forget more mill levels xd

Hey Spooky,

I’ll be sure to float this up to the team so they are aware of it!

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Off topic are you a mermaid? Float this up sound like a fun term to mean “transmit” especially through translation :laughing: (English is not my first language).

Under the sea~

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Thank you so much!!

Yeah with the new tier needing more xp to lvl, there needs to be an increase to the xp cap

I mean I think it’s like 10 mil for new legendary dragon from lvl 8 to 9, this is crazy

Just for kicks…

Mythic Obsidian hunter to expert (with no research or rider bonuses) requires that you be at level 315 and takes
Food – 39,583,926
Experience – 511,731,503 (these are total amounts from 1 to expert)

Mythic Harbinger Hunter (again, no research and not rider bonuses) requires that you be level 400 and takes
Food – 63,394,274
Experience – 1,582,404,300

Experience per attack, as has been noted, caps at level 186. Numerically, this is almost halfway to 400, but this is deceiving.
186 – 5,660,697 XP
315 – 22,409,497 XP
400 – 56,409,497 XP

So 186, where XP gain increases for dragons cease, is 10% of the way 400.

Side note-- While you’re looking at this, squeeze in the scaling of Egg Tokens. :slight_smile:

But yeah, there are some number to give you an idea of how much work it will be at the current rates to get these dragons leveled.


Well said, but while they’re at it, potions too.

You mean you don’t want to need 5,275 300k XP potions? :rofl:

Next you’ll be asking for larger resource packs. Tralalala!

And a flying pony! (Well, you have Equestor, don’t get greedy.)

I jest though. Yes, these things all cap many, many levels before one ever sees obsidian (or even Emerald, unless you are EXTREMELY disciplined).

These rewards should continue to scale, especially as the requirements have increased greatly.

Oh and ps to your statement, if you only do multis at this exp rate, youre looking at about 500(400 days with 100% xp boost) days to get them to expert…just saying
or if you cant wait just do 5900 runs
3700 with 100% xp boost
have fun lol
youve heard of the sapphire wall, welcome to the exp wall

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At three minutes per run, which is doable, that’s 295 hours of continuous grinding… for one dragon. Let’s assume it’s your full time job to play WD. Gonna take you 37 workdays to get in the runs.


Sapphire wall was only the beginning. Break out your wallets and buy some rubies, cuz, the servers will be shut down before you can “earn” expert on these boys! But, you should buck up a bit. This new tier is strong enough they might actually be able to remove the cap on your towers (or at least raise it 10 levels). I guess we’ll see if they fix the towers we already have or try to pawn us new level 65 towers.

I know where my bet would be. :rofl:

Stay thirsty, my friends.

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