Please just put it out of our misery already


We know it’s most likely coming in 2 weeks… PG PLEASE just kill Kingdom Wars already and put it out of our misery. It is just a horrible event, worse than even feeding. You guys attempted to improve it, those changes did very little to change anything. This was an event that was supposed to be about teamwork and instead it’s all about how lucky or unlucky your team is with their starting location and how much your team is going to have to spend to overcome that starting location if you end up in a bad one. Locations are definitely not random. We’ve had this event 4 times and every time my team has been somewhere in the center of the south/south-west portion of the map

I dont know about everyone else but I would be perfectly fine with getting a second temple raid in a season to replace this event. Hell, I’d rather have Conquer the world back than this week-long nightmare

Shoot it, burn the remains, and let us never speak of it again.


I like KW. :man_shrugging:


I dislike the Pits more personally. It rewards the use of Mega Coins way too much. At least in Kingdom Wars I can get good personal points without negatively affecting my team.


Kingdom wars = xp runs rewarded with points.
Am I right? :thinking:


See, I disagree. I think that fight pits is the best PvP event for getting around the mega coins (depending on which league you’re in, of course.) Because the mega coins are disabled 15 minutes before the end of the round, if you get your team to blitz their super attacks with stacked inner fires during those last 15 minutes, you can overcome a LOT of spenders. Additionally, because the rounds last 6 hours, there’s a lot of opportunity to make up for a bad round. In this way, Pits rewards good team work and organization as well as patience.

By contrast, Kingdom Wars has 24 hour long rounds. If you’re next to mega coin lovers, they will nuke you out of existence over the course of less than an hour and keep you there for the entire event (this happened to my team last time.) Because the rounds last so long, you spend a lot of time doing basic refill energy attacks for very few points and waiting for an hour to attack again. Zzzz.

Also wanted to add, my team has ALWAYS been in the north central part of the map for KW.



Grumpy, I’m not sure how I can handle this revelation :sweat_smile:

I hate wallet wars with a passion and agree with the OP… Burn it. Burn it with fire :fire::fire::fire:


I think KW has a lot of qualities which make it unpleasant, but I honestly prefer it to temple raid. Nothing is worse than a zero-tension event where you just hit the weakest high-value base in your league 300 times. Even a terrible event where you hit the weakest high-value base on an adjacent team 100 times before switching to the next team’s equivalent base.

I think I’m weird in that I don’t hate Fight Pits? 30 minutes of meaningful activity every 6 hours is about the right pace. It was more fun when I was running more active alts and had to fly 3 dragons simultaneously in the post-mega crunch time.


Kingdom Wars is horrible! They should bring back King of the hill instead :point_up:


If I only have 120 energy to spend, super attacks work. However, people cant always be online at the end of every round and often have 200+ energy to spend.

What happens when you start doing super attacks 30 minutes before the end of the round? What if you want to do normal attacks? You take your team into first place and then get targetted with Mega’s like crazy, knocked down to last in the matter of a couple minutes.

The Pits event forces you to play in a very specific way and also to use attack types that give less of a point return if team rank is a concern. No thx.


See Pits I feel could be improved simply by either pushing back the down time for Mega Coins to be used, limiting the number that can be used or having VP work like in Gauntlet where points are also earned per hour rather than what you have at the end of each round so there’s actual reason to be fighting throughout the round rather than waiting until the last 30 minutes


It would be nice but it’ll never happen. We shall never see the likes of a true bonus meter or the raid feature again.


What sort of madness has taken you to string those words together? Temple Raid is the team work event that KW should have been. At least with KW you cant be screwed over by luck. No one can basically force your team out of the event because you got slapped in a bad location between huge spending teams. TR definitely isnt perfect but it is sooooo much more of a pleasant experience.

Both events you can hit the same target over and over. KW you basically have to because you’re limited by who is around you. There could be tons of targets in your league to hit and they happen to be half way across the map from you. At least with TR you do have up to 24 other teams full of targets to hit.


Kingdom wars sucks. It has a concept that I can get behind, but as it is now it sucks. It’s not just a “hit the same base over and over” event, it’s a “hit the same base over and over dependent on whatever team you happen to be next to” event.


So spenders don’t have no supers or IFs? :rofl:


Yes this I agree. 6 hr refreshes for KW too please! @PGChocolate


We usually do quite well in KW despite not being a heavy spending team. So yeah, I kind of like it. I also like punishing high levels with shit bases that can’t even defend themselves against me…:man_shrugging:


My team usually does well too, we’ve done 1st twice 5th once and then 10th when we got trapped by a very heavily spending team. Despite that I would dance with joy if they announced we will never see this dumpster fire of an event. After every single one I feel so burnt out that I dont even want to grind gold in atlas or egg tokens for a few days

Plus you an bash those same horrible bases over and over in Temple Raid. I like to call those “oh Honey… no” bases. Had one this event that was lv 320 and it had lv 30 towers across the base. I had to look multiple times to see if I somehow found a secret farm team or something


Kw is much better then the worse event ever…money pits don’t mess with kw unless you change the pits as well.


That’s not what I said, but it evens the playing field quite a bit since everyone generally goes after the top one or two teams in the current pit. All I know is that my E2P team always comes in the top three for pits, as compared to 10-20th for KW.


Im not a big fan of money pits either but at least in that event individual points are fairly easy to earn as long as you arent way under-leveled for your league. In KW not so much. targets give low individual points and once you use up your energy you’re SOL for 24hrs and just left with free energy. Plus if you end up near a sandbaging team then you can be pretty screwed too. In this case I feel money pits is the lesser of two evils. It’s not great but I’d rather see KW end up in the meat grinder first


With the pits (despite eating 162 packs and tons of IFs), at least we still have 6h cost reset and decent multi.

With KW, we have 24h reset (:thinking: am I right?), means only 5x reset (counting the initial reset) for the whole event…
Also, it lacks point multi…