Please just put it out of our misery already


Kingdom Wars just never stops. The moment you stop attacking and expanding you’re losing ground, and when one team goes to sleep a team on another side is attacking. With no checkpoints or deadlines to aim for like Fight Pits’ 6 hour rounds or Temple Raid’s guard stations, it’s just 5 days of depressing deadliness.


If they reset time was to be changed, you can count on the prizes being scaled relatively. No thanks.


I respect your position, but if you check the sentences after the one you quoted, I actually explain it. :smiley: I’ve never experienced being up against a vastly overleveled neighbor in KW, which probably explains our differences. By all accounts, it’s a miserable experience. I have experienced being up against very, very stupid neighbors who refuse to make peace and thereby torpedo their own chances of a top 20 placement. It’s not fun, but it isn’t as deadening to my motivation to play as looking at our island progress in TR and seeing that it’s at 25%. TR is the only event that’s this unfun even when your team is winning.

I think the paths in TR are both too unstructured (i.e., you can hit any base on any team, any number of times, which means that the optimal strategy will be to hit one base repeatedly, like you are simulating the missing raid button) and too unrewarding (there’s no short term goal to work for).


I feel like TR is currently the best PvP event. It gives a more visual goal to the team and it I like that your progress gets ‘saved’ once your team has accumulated a certain amount of points. Being ables to attack the same base over and over does have its perks. If a player usually can’t get that many points, they might be able to find that one base that earns them more and make their energy more worthwhile. In the pits it’s more of an attempt to move up and if most of your team is in the same time zone and everyone is getting those 8 hours of sleep like they should, you can risk getting demoted twice in a row :confused:


I know, it was a joke. That’s just how much I despise that event. Ive had both of those situations. Last KW we had a team who we tried to make nice with and they were a bunch of incredibly rude morons. They rejected our offer so we attacked them and they started whining saying they didnt mean to say no. then they threatend us so we crushed them and took all of their land. then they whined again because none of their players were listening to their leader. That was one big week long dramafest

Another time we ended up next to a really big spender team that was slumming it down in P3. All their tops were in the upper 300s or low 400s and were dropping megas like they were going out of style and teams were having trouble cutting them off because all their people worth any points were untouchable.

That is the major flaw with KW. Luck of where you start plays such a major role and can mean you need a ton of rss to try to overcome that or you won’t have much trouble because you got an awesome staring spot


Say it ain’t so, Fearless Leader!

I have only experienced KW in sapphire and diamond, so maybe my experience in Plat will be different…but I hate KW with the intensity of 10,000 suns.

I hate KW with the intensity of Mehaten’s laser beam.

I hate KW with the intensity of a religious zealot on a holy day.

My hatred for KW knows no limits. It is a limitless hatred, fueled by a never-ending sea of loathing and animosity.

Man, I really dislike that event.

Whelp, time for counseling…


I hate KW too. It’s beyond stupid. It’s so hard to take and keep land. One minute ur team is using all their energy to make a push then the next minute the neighboring team is using their energy and take everything back and then it just happens over and over with no progression Made by either team. It’s pure misery. :joy::joy: can we please trash this shitty event and come out with some new stuff?


I have been feeling quite unmotivated and let down since the first time we were blessed with Kingdom Wars, for the exact same reasons you have all listed so far… So I just did my basic attacks every 4 hours using the free energy only (previous team, under another name). :hugs:

Interesting fact that we always ended up a little to left of the center… :thinking:

Anyway, I happy that it’s not this week. :relieved:


Yeah, I have to agree with this. My hatred of KW just comes down to one thing: Options.
Most times this event ends with me only having one or two teams I can hit- and they are never the ones I would choose to hit. lol

I can see how it could be a relatively fun event for the teams that are winning it. But for those who aren’t, well, it’s hell. And the point is, events should be relatively fun for every team whether they are winning or not.

In KW, the consequence of losing is that most of your members get horrible individual points because they have no one they can reasonably hit in the monster team that is surrounding them. That’s just not right.


If you think that’s weird… I really miss Capture The Flag.

While I’m not a fan of the effect of Megas in Fight Pits, maybe it’s just a Plat thing but very rarely do you get so stomped that you can’t come back in the last 15 minutes with a coordinated Super Attack frenzy. I like being able to check in once every 6 hours and do my thing to help us win. There’s even reason to attack tough bases… The team you want to knock down matters, and you can’t just mindlessly hit the same trash base.

The one true downside I see with Pits is that the frenzy is pretty mindless. There’s some minor strategy, but not really though… It’s mostly just attack the first place team until they’re dragged down enough that someone else is now the first place team. There’s a bit of a mental game you can throw in (I know the first place team is going to get swarmed by everyone else, so I’m going to hit the second place team!) but it’s generally just thoughtless attacking as fast as you can.

With CTF… Since there were 24 head to head battles every round, there was a lot more strategy IMO. Can we jump out far enough ahead that team X will give up, or are we going to get into a mutually destructive waste of points? Is it worth hitting that low value team that’s given up? And of course, my favorite part… Being down on 10 flags with 30 minutes left and coordinating with my team to take them all back while also swinging a few to us. My team seemed really good at reading what each other was doing, and I loved that part of the event. Nothing like being able to look at the end result and know that you personally swung the fight.

Instead we get the mindless repeated attacking of the trashiest bases you can find on your neighbors in KW, and the mindless repeated attacking of the trashiest bases you can find in the league for coop PvP in TR. But hey, it’s easy mindless repetitive grind for rewards, and that’s why it seems a lot of people play.


I mean, if it helps, I think they’re both terrible events in their current state. I think both could be good with some changes widely suggested after their first iteration. So . . . 7 months ago, in KW’s case. We can debate which one is worthy of being hated with Anapa’s heated breath versus Mehaten’s superheated breath, but this feels largely academic in light of how much they both blow. :wind_face: :fire:


I have to admit that the only reason I like the temple raid event is because of the PvE temple challenges and using old dragons. The PvP component is just as suck-tastic as every other PvP event.

[Edit]: Oh, and the portraits! I like the portraits.


I liked capture the flag, too - it was my 2nd favorite after King of the Hill.

Kingdom wars would be greatly improved if it wasn’t so dependent on initial placement - if you had the ability to move your “capital”, it would make a huge difference for the overmatched teams.


Tbh I really really enjoy fight pits. The only part that matters is the last 30 minutes… and its so easy to progress especially with an allience . I can say it’s by far not the worst event at all.


It’s great if those last 30 minutes coincide with when you are most able to play. If they don’t, then it makes that event even more tedious than most.


See that’s a pretty big flaw in an event. Events last from Wednesday - Monday so if all that matters is the last 30 minutes of a round then that’s a bad event. If actually participating in an event hurts your team then it’s a bad event.

Still, I’d rather do Fight Pits than KW where you pretty much need to be attacking constantly yet energy only resets every 24hrs. They need to take KW out back behind the shed because it is a rabid event


I don’t think it’s a flaw. Whoever can get on in the last 30 mins can do their runs to keep their position, and whoever can’t can do their runs during the time frame. :thinking: I see nothing wrong with that. Also, the energy was resetting every… what… 5-6 hours? So the chances of putting up a ton of points was very easy. Nobody is required to do their runs just in the last 30 mins, that is just when most activity does happen. But there’s ways for everybody to get points no matter what.


And it doesn’t hurt your team… it’s just like other pvp’s. U do ur runs, get ur points, things may or may not go in favor for your team.


Out of all the PvP events available now, I only like temple raid and team gauntlet. Let’s scratch pits and kingdom war and replace them with something better. Or PG can bring back king of the hill.

Pits, only the last hour matters, so why even bother in the rest of time. It also cost too many packs and IF.

Kingdom war: It depends too much on the location.


If people do their attacks too early and pull your team into first, then you become a target for Mega’s before the cutoff.

Other events you can spend an hour doing normal attacks if you want and it actually helps your team because of the increased points for items used.