Please just put it out of our misery already


I guess we can agree to disagree on our views :yum:


It most certainly does hurt your team. Your team position goes up in the arena making your team a target to be attacked by all of the other teams, thus then lowering your team’s points and causing your team to need to spend more rss in those last 30 minutes to be able to stay or be promoted. The only good thing about attacking during that time is you’re less likely to get hardcore defenders

Not sure how you can see nothing wrong with 80% of an event being completely pointless. Fight Pits is an event were you must choose between individual points at the cost of your team or Team points at the cost of your individual points because you’re using supers and megas rather than attacking over a period of time using regular attacks.


That’s where team strategy comes into play… if u know u will be a target if ur in first… don’t be in first :joy::joy::joy: your team has 5-6 hours to use energy. Lol. If u go into the event with no plan at all ofc it will go poorly. Being strategic and even having allies along with using energy wisely can play a huge role.


No one said anything about not having a strategy in this event. You basically just described doing nothing but using free energy during those first 5 hours which again is a major flaw to this event. Once again, if participating in the event is going to have a negative impact on your team then it’s a bad event. You’re free to like it if you want but the way this event works is pretty flawed



I kinda like like hingdom wars not because it’s fun, but because my team almost always comes first that event so I get more sigils. I also hate the pits not because it’s boring but because my team does horrible. So uh, yeah


I’m okay with kingdom wars, I hated the last time I played it because we got beat down my a team that took literally half the map to eventually beat the crap out of us. Still better than fight pits though imo.


My team usually does very well it in but I still hate it with a burning passion


I like Kingdom Wars best of all PVP’s. It rewards multi-team strategy and better team coordination than “Everybody hit now.” Being lucky/unlucky in map placement is overblown unless you are caught between multiple sandbagging teams, and even then teams that rapidly expand end up fighting multi-front battles that are hard to keep up with.


I am not sure of your league, but of course it is megacoin event …login in last 20 minutes, wave megas at 1 min and then start doing supers . The difference in points is really unfathomable depending on number of megas used in wave. You think people come and do waves with supers only , but people do waves with megas as well. That’s where you are probably missing competition based on your league . And don’t think it’s a choice. If you want to place well in event, your team needs to do megas .


I know that people do waves with megas, I’m not an idiot.

I qualified my statement that it was league dependent. In Diamond, Dred and the like will mega coin competing teams to literally 0 points.

But for a large portion of the player base (remember, MOST teams are in plat and below), it isn’t like that. There may only be one or two teams who utilize tons of megas, and they generally don’t mega coin every single round. That provides an opportunity not found in KW. That’s all I was saying.


Saphire was hell in this event… sooooo many teams got zero’d out in each tier… it was insane!!.. not a fan of this event because of the insane amount of fires and energy you need to keep pace with these mega spending teams. I feel like some of the other pvp events are more rounded and fair in terms of how much energy and fire you have to use to place decent…

I myself used around 500 inner fires this event… I feel like that’s alot when everyone is doing the same amount of grind. Just plainly too expensive of an event for the points you get I think.


I just want King of the Hill back. I hate fight pits and kingdom wars with a passion.


It would be nice but they’ll NEVER let us have another event that doesnt use mega coins or give us a real bonus meter again. Sucks too since it was a fun event. Only thing I heated was that it wasnt a very good time for opening chests


Honestly, I’d really just like to see the bonus meter and raid option return as well as KOTH and Capture the Flag. Last events I actually had fun with. I despise the new ones. Only one I can semi tolerate is KW, and that’s being generous. Mega coin-worst…idea…ever. Might just be me though. :man_shrugging:t3: I see the new events and instantly groan in disappointment.


Im going to go throw up now :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
@PGChocolate why must we continue to suffer through this gods awful event?


I loathe kingdom wars. Loathe


Guess we get to find out. :disappointed:


Blech just blech on this event… that is all


Right before Christmas and including the Holy Night… I wonder how actively it will be played :joy:


This event has made me glad I have a busy holiday schedule this weekend. At least I won’t be missing out on anything exciting.

This game used to be fun. Now, it’s just… I don’t even have the words.

@PGJared you said a while back that you and the team were focused on making this fun again. Any idea when you might actually make that happen? Because I’ve had fun before, and let me tell you, this isn’t it.