Please just put it out of our misery already


I somehow don’t think it is a particularly good argument to say “this event is good for big spender” if you want to see LESS of it…


It’s starting to be the opposite for me in Plat 4. I’m noticing at least the top 15 teams are 5-10x the points than all other teams in 16-1000+.
On day one I’ll see huge jumps in points just before mega disable in most events.

I hate KW, FP.
I don’t hate CTF, TR & KOTH.

It would be nice to have better PVPs in the future.dont shoot me for saying this but could bonus meter and Raid button fix some of these difficult & boring major events?


For me it’s not as bad as I hear sapphire is but it’s still bad. The top 5-15 teams will be using them depending on your league division?
But I’m in Platinum-4 team


i hate pits so hard


This week’s Kingdom Wars started so well: I was having so much fun while attacking the Monuments that it’s criminal. Simply because I could beat the level 250 NPCs (solo!!!), which hasn’t happened before. (I’m only level 161)

This fun was very short lived: once my recharged energy depleted, POOF!, that was the end of it. Good night! (yawn)

Morning: Happily load the game, full of hope, and undeniable curiosity of what has happened while I was asleep. Surprise, surprise, almost the whole map is painted in red. Whoa, who would have thought?!

From my perspective this is the end of all fun for this week, because now if I want to score something, I will need a backer. Compared to the NPC, real players give really lame points, and when it starts getting okayish, they are waaaaay beyond my reach.

One more thing, that adds a nice portion on my heap of disgust:

The Mega Coins, used in my team. Tell me, why is it, that the game crashes NOTORIOUSLY when someone uses one? Just this morning, during my 20 minute session 3 MC were lost due to sudden game crashes. With basic runs it works just fine… Coincidence? Conspiracy? I have no ghost of an idea, but this is just mental! :scream:


It would be great but I doubt we’ll actually see a real bonus meter again.


I don’t mind kingdom wars. Yes location on map makes it hard sometimes but I’d rather see The Pits go. Now that event stinks lol. Bring back KOTH but believe there were issues with software? Can’t remember.


Yeah apparently the coding for KoTH was very outdated which caused a lot of problems (heaven forbid there be issues created during an event… other than the ones PG creates like releasing an updated before a PvP ends that blocks ally backing)

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