Please keep a beloved dragon lord, Obfirmo, in your prayers


Hey forum community,

A familiar name to the community unfortunately suffered a car accident the other day, breaking 16 ribs, his back, his neck, his shoulder blades, his collar bones, his shins, and a punctured lung. If you could please keep him in your prayers as he endures his recovery, that would be a huge boon.



Wish the best for him… :pray::pray::pray:


I hope all goes well for him and his family. May mine and everyone else’s prayers guide him to an safe and successful recovery.


:scream: I hope he recovers well!!


Just prayed for him and his family. :pensive:


Obfirmo, best wishes for as smooth a recovery as possible! There’ll be times when things go backwards, but you’ll get there. You’ve been a great contributor on the forums; take it easy during your recovery :smiley:

We’ll make sure to prod people in your name :smiling_imp:


My Ob !:sob:
He will recover soon! He’s strong-willed. He informed us even though he had so many fractures . Couldn’t see him get hurt so bad. In a way happy that he is safe :weary::sneezing_face:


@Obfirmo I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Best wishes for a swift recovery, although given your injuries a swift recovery is fairly relative. I pray that no complications arise from your injuries. You have been a fantastic part of the forum community and you will be sorely missed until you recover.


Warm thoughts and wishes for the fullest possible recovery.


Get well soon @Obfirmo!!

And if you read this anytime in the next 4 weeks - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!


I don’t know him personally, but it kind of hurts my chest knowing how much pain he is going through right now especially during the time of the incident.

Hope he recovers well enough to be able to walk and speak properly.


Damn, prayers for you and your family bro!


:flushed: That is aweful!! So sorry for what happened to you!
Praying for a quick and full recovery!


Be well, heal fast and fly high when you return to us.


Terrible news… so sorry to hear you have to go through such pain Obfirmo. Wish you to recover soon in an easiest way possible :pray:


So sorry to hear about the accident! Best wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery!


My deepest and best whishes for you, to have your recovery, as quickest and painless as possible.


Obfirmo, you are in my prayers, God bless your recovery and soon you will be with our team again. You’re very dear to everyone on the team and it’s a huge fault. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::pray::pray::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Get well soon


I don’t know him but it sounds like a horrible accident. Get well soon.