Please keep a beloved dragon lord, Obfirmo, in your prayers


Wishing Obfirmo a very speedy recovery with tins of prayers coming his and his family’s way. :pray:t3::rose:


Get well soon bud!


He’s in my thoughts and prayers.


We’re waiting for you in your best condition :hugs:

Get well soon


@Obfirmo get off forums and recover man (I can see you going through really old threads…)



Aww let him be. Can you imagine how boring it is at the hospital? And possibly the inability to sleep since the hospital staff are in and out.


If I don’t catch up now then it will be more to go through later. :grinning:

I slept most of the last week away except when I would wake up in pain and then ask for more drugs to go back to sleep. Starting to feel a bit better now though and as @Sam mentioned, hospitals are boring when you’re not sleeping.

Out of the ICU now and scheduled for what should be my only surgery tomorrow ( :crossed_fingers: ) for my collar bone.


Well wishes, hope the surgery is smooth and your recovery is swift and full. I think there’s a Kelly Clarkson song about this. At least I always assumed it was about getting into accidents when I was a kid. :wink:


Dismiss it all :smiling_imp:


hope it goes well, get well soon @Obfirmo


My OCD would never let me do that :sweat_smile:

@Obfirmo I’m glad to hear you’ll be out of the ICU soon. Best wishes for your recovery. Hopefully it won’t be too painful, given the circumstances.


Hi wish u will recover soon hope u are doing fine n OK my friend…


Very sorry for your accident, but thank God you’re alive! Praying for a fast, full recovery!


May you have a speedy and full recovery :dragon::dragon::dragon:


Praying for you. Hope the surgeries go well and that you will be back to fighting form soon!!


My prayers for him



@Obfirmo, how are you doing?


‘MySwil’ LOL :beers:


Hanging in there, thx Sam. Still hard to move much but the pain is lessening. I have another surgery this afternoon to fuse some vertebrae together and will hopefully be the last one.