Please list ALL steps required to upgrade, not just ONE



SO…after being level locked for months while I needed to acquire a certain number of eggs, I was ecstatic when at long last, I was finally able to upgrade my builder…only to find out that I STILL can’t level any of my dragons until I breed the next tier…so now I’ll be level locked for at least another month.

Can we PLEASE make it so that dragons/towers list ALL incomplete steps that are required before leveling/upgrading. Not that it would have made a huge different, but there would have been much less cursing involved had I know that I would still need to breed a few more…


While that’d be nice, I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. :see_no_evil: Become best friends with player-created resources.

All the various dragon/tower reqs.

Breeding paths

And tools that do it for you:


Thank you :wink:


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