Please make Atlas less complicated


This category is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP events, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.


I don’t see any actual suggestions, what should be less complicated?


Didn’t you see? He clearly indicated that he would specifically like Atlas to be less complicated :wink:

With regard to OP’s post, though, I don’t see how Atlas’ complexity is a problem. If you join a team that has it, you have people who can explain it to you. If your team works its way all the way up into Sapphire and gains access, the odds are you have someone in your team who knows how it works—and, even if you don’t, there are resources aplenty for educating oneself.

If you decided to sit down and play Risk or Settlers of Catan, would you cut out some of the rules to make it “simpler”? Or would you instead play the game and crack open the rulebook to figure out how it’s supposed to be played? The rules are established. All that any remotely complex game requires of the players is for them to read the gosh-darned instructions.

Can it be overwhelming to a new player? Sure. Is it unreasonably complex? Absolutely not.


What is complicated about Atlas? Oh, yeah. Politics…


Orca is right! Please simplify the politics, PG!


Yeah, hardest part is not attacking the wrong team and thus unleashing the dogs of war to rain down fire and brimstone upon your poor, unsuspecting team :laughing:


Atlas is simple. :man_shrugging:


Eh. As one of the newer people to Atlas, I can understand how complex it seems at first. There are so many different resources, different sets of variables to consider - that add to, rather than replacing the variables from the main game.

I’ve seen even people who have been playing the game for years get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new information, let alone the advice on it all. It’s not quite as bad as I’ve heard at times - it’s not an entirely new game - but it’s not as far off as it might be.

I suppose my question would be where there’s really room for simplification, though. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of easy targets for removal - and I can think of several areas that could be improved by adding more complexity.

The only really straightforward target for “too much complexity” is the political side, and that’s really more a player-driven issue than a game-driven one. And breaking that down would require some massive restructuring, to the point where Atlas was less “Cold War” and more “ever-shifting battlefield.”


Other than Politics, I don’t think it’s too complex.
Reading Gox’s or Red’s basic documentation should be enough.

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Mm. That actually might be it. Aside from the politics, it’s not so much complicated as it is a ton of new information. Most of it is pretty straightforward, but there’s a lot to absorb, and that can overwhelm people at first.


Please make the ocean less deep, I’d really like to visit the Marianas Trench but it is very inconvenient that I’d be crushed to death.

Atlas is complex, there’s a lot of stuff to learn, lots of math and lots of politics, that’s just how it is.


It’s a huge multi hundred team game of risk.

Your attacks are like rolling the dice, the outcome isn’t simply luck though
How many dice you roll is similar to the ratios you get from selecting the correct primarchs
Your troops are like…troops in the game of risk, they are earned at intervals activity based and how fast you earn them is proportional(ish) to how many countries you currently own and which selection of countries.

That is all you need to know as basics, go from there and start building troops. 1 step at a time


atlas is kinda complicated tbh. I know i am terrible at explaining, but also there is a ton to explain!

Wanna attack someone? Just look at your attack, his defense, his troops, his glory %, and whether you can get five flames. (Defended?) Check your troop count and you’re ready to move on him. Looking at a castle? make sure its not an ally or a team we don’t want to pick a fight with, and check for taunters.

Of course your attack may fail bc someone killed you first, bc someone killed them first, or just appear to fail bc of lag/glitches.

I also enjoy explaining how stupid troops go to your prim when you are at home and you don’t want that so you gotta stay away from home.

A lot has changed since some of the key guides were written, but also a lot of people just aren’t up for much reading or even too much extended chatting for the game. :grimacing:

e: not saying complexity is bad. personally i like it, but i agree it is complex, and also a significant shift from casual play of the core game.


Well said


I wouldn’t mind atlas being a little more simple but not mechanically. It’s politics that makes the game complex. The overall how everything works is fairly straightforward.

How we resolve the politics side of things is beyond me.

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My only idea for this is having a place where the leader and officers can put a list of teams your allied with/shouldn’t attack, and if a member of the team tries a message pops up that says something like “You are allied with this team. Are you sure you wish to attack _____?”


Or don’t create giant alliances :man_shrugging:


:boom:Add in game “rights”:boom:
1.Founder rights
2.Mass mail rights
3.Diplomacy rights
4.Invite/dismissal rights
5.War declaration rights
4&5 we currently have and limited to officers and leaders
as a group and really should be assigned individually.
In game rights would be a good step away from diplomatic
WAdd a improved chat system and ideally screenshots!:boom:
with a larger chat bar would much of the activity lost
To outside communication apps


Add a improved chat system
Screenshots and a larger chat bar would help keep activity in game and reduce spying and sabotage adding screenshots is as easy as adding screenshot rights limiting screenshots to leadership and assigned players reducing its chance to be abused and can be monitored by pg and by the teams themselves :man_shrugging:


There’s so much room for improvement and simplifying politics would help :sunglasses: