Please no more black pearls

I have more black pearl than l’ll use, I dont think I’m alone in this respect. We really need the option to chose a alternative to the black pearl prizes. They are absolutely not worth the sigils and it’s extremely irritating to have to waste your sigils on items you don’t need. Please give us another option we can be happy about spending on


Maybe swap for mystic fragments have heard they’re not worth much now

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I would take the fragments over pearls certainly. I’d love a egg token option, breeding is expensive! Just anything really. 500 sigils 1000 sigils here and there for pearls. It adds up quickly

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We don’t want to remove anything from prizing and swapping it out will create issues what we truly need is prize claim flexibility at the moment that we collect prizes!
Provide a player with 3 equal value currencies each time they earn a reward……
We will then be able to only collect what we need and when we have a enough we choose to stop collecting them as we are the only one who really knows what we need!

This complete lack of flexibility coupled with the sheer excessive number of currencies is being used to create resource shortages and drive spending……

Yes a over abundance has the same Imbalance effect ……as you were forced to claim those.


On a serious reply…if possible

I’d do away with pearls all together and move perches to wood only.

this would be a minor change it would make it easier for smaller players to have a six tower island. While not being great would almost be a first baby step towards an island revamp of sorts.

This of course is mainly a cosmetic change in the hope to encourage players to make better use of the perches.

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But I’m trying to win the who has most black pearls contest … To get chuck plushy. :shushing_face::shushing_face:

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Prefer them to take black pearls, ice and fire shards and combine them into embers. Reduce the number of bs currencies. Put embers in place of each of the previous items in branches. Add an ember mine to resource buildings and then make embers something that can be exchanged through attacks like lumber and food.

Eventually add an electrum mine and increase islands to support or move mines to main island like the rune storage or bounty.

At very least make the building material for the next tower black pearl.

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No one wants your nudes tho

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Nudes :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:.


I have more than I ever need right now too

Instead of getting rid of something, it would be better to provide a better trading system. If we had a weekly trading post where we could trade more items, that would solve a lot of issues.

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Or reduce the number of this huge amount of these different currencies

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