Please put this event into stasis!


Assuming v3.74 will fix the crash problem, please freeze the game until the fix has been released and players’ files updated. In the past 20 minutes my iPhone 6 Plus has froze up 3 times just when I’m in a middle of a run! When I say froze, I mean holding down the [Home]-[Pwr] to get it to reboot! I got 5 runs in and then everything goes to pot! My Energy is back, not sure about the boosts or food I used, but the runs did not count even though I was past 70%. Of course during all this time of rebooting the phone, reloading the game, reloading the event my team is getting pounded😡. Therefore @PGJared I believe PG should freeze the event until 3.74 is our and installed. This is absurd. I’m giving up, as it’s taking too much of my time for too few runs and much aggravation.


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