Please read and maybe change?

it’s been a year since we make the same events … no? or more ? In short, I do not know how much these events have become routine …
when I started the game there were many more wars and fewer events. They arrived with surprise and with some attraction …
an event xp for example …
And less divine dragons would be good because it does not look like anything … there are too many. we do not even have time to finish putting them up as new ones arrive
from my point of view it would be necessary to review the game … and return to the basics of the game … the time of bixi, Omerr, Alligator etc was nicest


I agree the game has become routine. I think that is what they are trying to accomplish with Atlas. The Atlas world constantly changes as long as teams continue to attack each other. So the game has potential to be different every time you log in. However, the big alliances that formed have slowed the battles down. Until PG figures out a way to basically force Atlas teams to attack each other, the game will stay routine.

Even if @IIIRogueIII… imagine a team gets destroyed fights back gets destroyed again fights back again conquer a new continent loses the new continent conquers another continent loses the other continent etc… :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Or the other extreme conquers all won’t get attacked anymore members of that team find themselves in doing invader runs and log off.

Atlas is not the solution it never was.

Eventually the new high spending or high cheating teams will lose interest in spending or get banned for blatant cheating and it’s another way to collect stuff (troops) and doing xp runs.

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Nice one Pog xd

Maybe this is the wrong thread but for war had there ever been a thought to institute a flame penalty for attacking a bar that’s too low? It seems that teams that allow low level players could be at a disadvantage. Also with all the events war seems an afterthought. Is this event dragons?

Doing what you suggest would then punish high levels significantly OR just encourage them to follow a level 6 and make you attack the level 6. Sorry but this is a short sighted idea. If you can’t hang in your league, move down or let the big players move up.

Welcome to War Dragons honey. All wars and no events makes the game dull as hell.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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