Please reduce cooldowns on bubbled castles

The cooldowns on castles are way too long, and it’s adding to the game burnout and unnecessary play burden. 3 hours CD on a T2 gate or even 1 BD that nobody wants, but is given to teams new to Atlas, or otherwise small teams, only adds unnecessary frustration. It takes about 15 to 20 mins to conquer a castle, if it is planned. So if it’s gonna happen, it will, no need to sit and watch for 3 hours straight. 1 hour CD gives an ample opportunity to either conquer or defend from being conquered, on t2 access or 1 bd castles at least. Reducing CDs on bubbles will benefit all, I believe. It will at least reduce the stress of sitting out a mindless 3 hours for some teams. And let’s say it, the t2 gates held by new to atlas teams gets the hell of it, especially if they have castles in the southern territories. They get pounded day in day out. Bubbled every day. Reducing a cd can help alleviate the burden of play significantly.
I propose 1 hour cd on t2 castles, 2 hours on t3 castles and so forth.


:man_shrugging:t2: To be honest, I don’t really consider t2~3’s as problematic. But that of t4~6 sure as hell feels too damn long. :see_no_evil:

Wait whaat? There are t5 castles and up? :exploding_head: