Please release all ur seasonal dragons at the sameTime the season start

Getting tired when u release new dragons at the middle of the season.
Second stop being so
Consume in money, and change the layout of the bases from
Every season, festivity’s.

What’s wrong with festive?

  1. It doesn’t matter as no discount dragon is released other than the one in 1st week.
  2. There shouldn’t be no harm for waiting after discount weeks
  3. All dragons have been announced at start. No surprise dragons.

p.s. since the new season key format.


Class, yes. Dragon, no…

I want this to happen but I feel like there’s going to be something bad about it that I’m just not realizing.

One bad thing is that it’s boring going 13 weeks without new content and players would drop like flies during a weak season.


Points 1 & 2. We really do not know much about what will be released later.

But outside of the discount dragon and base boost there is no reason to rush on anything else until you see what the other dragon(s) are. The price does not change and you can still get it early enough to benefit from the XP boost and healing time.


Hi, when it happens a new season after fee weeks a new dragons is
Release, like chelonoth . The season before was a base, don’t remember. It’s infuriating that u spend sigils in one
And next they realize
Something else with are really stupid basic video.
Didn’t like we have paid to support our veterans with more money. Second why man don’t have pictures too. All of us all human
And when I said festival, it’s like when theirs Worls of WarDragons they do festival
Ppl leave, they get bored with the same.
U nerf when theirs a good dragon.

  1. Bug forSci
  2. Stalk forSci



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Welcome to the forum!

For two seasons now the layout has been mostly consistent (except base boost release date for instance) and you have been free to choose whatever legendary lines you wanted for either Mythic, with the exception of the Festive.

This is a great improvement compared to the previous layout restrictions where one of the Mythics was discounted and the other not. Want the second released Mythic? Tough luck, it’s 15k more than getting the discount branch full then the associated Mythic. You also received three lines instead of four now (2/3 Legendaries + 1 Mythic) so that’s another bonus.

Releasing hidden but announced Dragons (class) and lines in the middle of the season keeps things interesting. I lost count how many times I was bored in the middle of the season and waiting expectantly for the next release hoping it would be good or at least nice-looking!

Also if you save rubies and chests you realize that the discount isn’t as expensive as you thought and you don’t have to spend money unless you want a Mythic very early, or both Mythics.

The season releases are announced through different media, but if you can’t watch any stream there a handy thread with info regularly updated on the forum

No one forced you to spend money to support Stack Up, it was a nice initiative! If you still haven’t received one or both veteran portraits please submit a ticket (to the game support).

They also only nerf Dragons when they threaten the balance of gameplay, not to screw players… At least, I hope :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… Kidding! They aren’t like that, cause if players leave they lose potential revenue and it’s a business after all! They sometimes make poor choices though… :unamused:

Did I forget anything? If you have other questions feel free to search the forum or ask questions in relevant threads. I hope you will find the answers you seek here!


Or u can hold ur sigils lol


Anticipation = Excitement :grin:
Just go with the flow and have fun


Yes kinda at first was frustrating :sob:

I didn’t spend money, either I don’t want ppl to spend money in the game, so they can better faster and don’t know the hard work everyone put to get where they are.

Do you think games run on good vibes?


Obviously not this one. :rofl:

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Tel ur folks do all there quests and reach event min for 1200 sigils its possible without spending u just gotta grind🙄 i have not spent since november and got ronin and nam. Which i can actually confirm this also but not posting my logs on a public forum

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