Please release the data

Not sure who to tag from PG so I´ll try to start first.

With great concern I follow the actual developement of the game. On the one hand bigger dragons then ever are released while bases got signifcantly weaker and at the same time new tower tevels are about to be released: All I am asking for is STOP this vivious circle please.

I do understand that you need to come up with “new toys” for those players in this game having everything already… all dragons, all towers etc.


My feeling is that the gap between the “normal” players and the so called “whales” is getting bigger and bigger. So Im kindly asking for some official numbers to give us an idea what´s going on at the moment. Because in the long run I have the feeling that the cycle of new dragon Tier - new tower Llvels - repeat will have a very negative Impact.

So please:

  • how many harbringer dragons have been hatched overall in this game (best would be giving Benchmark numbers by each Tier)
  • how many lvl60 towers have been built so far (best would be giving Benchmark numbers by each Level)
  • how many “active” Players are we talking about?

My point is: those whales sitting in egg token or timers anyways (since they have nothing to spend it on) and once new Content Comes out they have it right away only to hoard more of those, pusing the Limit further.

My guess is that one year ago I think 10% of the Players had toptier Dragons hatched and a fully maxed base. Half a year ago it was maybe 5%. This time I´m guessing it´s less then 1%.

Why is that a problem? Because we have a clan and a league system and it becomes more and more irrelevant how the team structure and effort ist. Fact is without harbringer dragons in your clan you can´t compete with any league sapphire league upwards. This reminds me of the time of 2 years ago where Teamwork was next to irrelevant, you simply had to have a lvl300+ in your clan and you were fine. The other effect is that the gap between “those who can beat all bases” and those “who can beat bases around their size” is getting bigger.

So again please release some data that we stop “assuming” or “complaining” (maybe I´m completly wrong?!). Id like to take this discussion to an objective level and see if it is true and I am almost sure many people (at least those reading and writing Forums) are interessted in FACTS as well.

This is d2. I got 80% of the achievements, i dont have garnet. I barely asked help from teammates.

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I am in Sapphire league as a level 85, and I placed comfortably in the middle of our team in the last event, and that is with very little backing from teammates. I have gold dragons, and they are useful against bases around 250 and down. Harbingers are not the be all and end all. Just be good at playing where you are at. The main limiter in the event was not my power level, but my activity level.


There’s a couple issues with asking for each of these. On your first question about dragons hatched… Myself and I am sure others at this point have bred all the available Harbringers. So that in itself will skew what I believe you gain to see from that information you’re requesting. As individual players will have bred 5 Harbringers, 6 if you include neptus. That will give a less realistic depiction of players at this point. You should be requesting how many players have bred/hatched a harbringer.

Your next question about level 60 towers is very bad if you have PG base the game off of that. The players that you see in upper 400-upper 500 range often have an entire extra base of max level towers in storage. This would be a more difficult analysis for the developers to truly determine where many people stand in terms of base progression.

@BetterThanGod thanks for the Input. To me it doesn´t actually matter what “baseline” we use to compare. We can use Players (amount of Players with Harbringer Dragons / amount of all active Players) OR we use the KPI itself (amount of Harbringer Dragons hatched / all Dragons Hatched). Yes the result is slitghtly different, but both go in the same direction.

On the base I find it more difficult since some lvl 250+ could theoretically have a lvl60 Tower so the “amount of Players with lvl60 Towers” would be less relevant to me if you see amount of lvl60 Towers / by all Towers (activily placed on base) by all active Players"

@Zazrak I am NOT talking about Event performance… that is pretty much Independent from size (almost, since you can´t hit many plyers for high Points in higher leagues… but anways that can always be compensated by IF or usage of more energy). I am talking about wars! And here the question is who is attacking which base? Do you fly solo often in D2 with the Task of “take this base out even if defended” or are you more the type of “get backup by a big and swap after start”. Decide upon yourself what is more fun…

Summarize what I actually want to say in one sentence: the ongoing process of releasing new dragon tiers and new Tower levels increases the gap AND as a sideeffect negativly influencing game Balance. My Point is it would be nice to see that somehow based on data to EITHER shut people like me up OR to improve the game.

More reliable data would be

  • how many bases exist where every single displayed tower is a lv 60.

Divided in short and long bases. Bc short is now the new long for many pre maxed high spenders.

There are quite a lot who have partially 60s but just a irrelevant low number who have not a single lv 59 or below tower on their bases.

To me it’s more an issue of the increasing consumable rss demand to build/feed base/drags etc without an increase in the consumables I can protect/produce/raid so 15 x 12hrs timers! Woohoo! Lmao

If you are a level 200 odd player why do you think you should immediately have the same as an 400+ Account?

I don’t get why a level 10 who just started the game yesterday thinks the game should stop until they catch up…

Play your level in the league your suited to. There are ‘low level’ accounts by comparison in diamond who seem to do just fine.

However as has been mentioned before in numerous threads I agree there is a game balance issue.

You do know how to do wave atks right? If yes then i dont need to answer your war question.

So youre basically asking PG to halt progress in dragon tiers and tower levels just so others can keep up? Or possibly, reduce the cost of everything like egg tokens costs for dragons, more xp for upgrading buildings dor less costings.

Maybe all the big whales of right now would quit before small fishes catch up. Thats the agony of PG there.

Well not sure where exactly communication went wrong… May I ask for how long you are playing? if it is less then a year I´d understand because you simply lack the experience to see the problem.

I didn´t ask for anyone to catch up. I didn´t ask to increase any payouts or reduce costs!
I asked for data to start discussing based on facts and not assumptions.

And all that is only aiming to find balance within the game! Heck of course I want that the whales keep getting new toys and have fun. Of course I don´t want that every player can beat all bases… no. All I’m wondering about is that the cycle of new dragons and new tower Levels increases the gap and less people are capable of catching up.

What do I mean by that: some months ago it was important to have a clan with a good mixture of bases and fliers. Wars were fun since you had to plan which player is attacking which base followed by which dragon. Defense did matter and it was great defending a well designed base several times. Now all this doesnt matter! There are Dragons who can tear down ALL bases no matter what. And in some months it will be all different again: Bases will be unbeatable no matter if two fully maxed harbringers fly in… see the pattern?

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