Please remove Mingdom Wars from the PVP rotation



Kingdom Wars is a completely unfair set up. Basically if you aren’t on a team with Mega players you get beat on for 4 Straight Days! Powerful get more points for each run, giving them the great prizes, while lower level players have to play longer for less while getting bullied and beat on the entire event. The entire event is geared for only the top players succeed. . So if you have a solid team fighting 24/7 of mid level players it takes two high level players 30 minutes for them to undo everything. It is self defeating, and demoralizing. It is in NO way set up to help ANY team succeed unless you are on a team of mega players!

I BEG you. See this from the players perspective. I have been playing close to non stop for days, yet because our team is surrounded by more powerful teams we can’t hold anything. We are being attacked by 5 different teams!! How is that fair? How can you in PG say anything about this Event is fair to all teams??? It ISN’T a level playing field!

PLEASE don’t put us all through this again!!!


Mingdom??? :eyes:


You know there’s already topics about this, right?


Yeah but PG still hasn’t got the message it looks like.

There could be 1 million of these threads, if they don’t understand that everyone hates the event, may as well keep throwing it at them till they get it :man_shrugging:t3:

That being said it’s still a duplicate, mods may as well close and consolidate lol


Mingdom war :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


As far as I see it all PVP events are geared toward spenders. Any big fish or wallet warrior can just mega coin and beat you down. Please stop trying to get them to take PVP events out of rotation. I’m tired of how often fortification, breeding, and feeding events come around as it is.


Mingdom wars🧐sounds fun


The worse pvp events made for high level players are those which do not allow you to attack the same target more than once. At least that pvp event allowed us low level players to perform (I reached the 42k points and so did others sub level 100) when in the pvp event before I had not chance whatsoever or I would have needed backup ALL the time thus taking time from my high level team mates. So do not remove pvp events that allow to freely attack the same target over and over.


You dislike advancing throw the game for sigils?! :scream: I know I personally don’t spend at all on packs for any event (unless you counted old atlas elite and potentially nerfed atlas elite if I decide to give up my 1 man boycott of nerfed elite​:roll_eyes:) and usually just go for the final team achievement in any and all events (Elite only)

Also I personally attack MUCH more to farm my own rss for lvling drags upgrading buildings without having to ask for a follow for max return and farm in general for egg tokens whenever I see the balloon doesn’t have a timer counting down.


How do other pvp event different? Player use multiple mega and gain an extreme amount of point in any event.
Your team get attacked by 5 teams is because the leader didnt send a truce/ally message to other team in treasure hunt phase. Also ask the ally to block out other enemy team in pvp phase


IMO, KW is more forgiving compared to other PvP in terms of bullying.
Small players (pitted against giants) can get some points, though not really good.

Also, IIRC, there has been a (not sure if it’s only one) case where one team was bullied until it got 0 VP.


If your lower level players cant earn ennough points in a pvp event…, or they not get ennough strong backup, or they play in a few leagues to high.
I had the same issue with a training team, well we lost a few wars on purpose and we did not that bad this event.
However we going to disband the team anyway and start over again so we can win wars and not hit gold 2 or even 1 with mostly lvl 25 -55 players.


I hate Kingdom Wars, but your complaints don’t really seem to be regarding the event itself but rather PvP events in general.

  1. If your team is getting massacred in a PvP event, you are most likely in too high of a league.
  2. If you individually are getting bad points, most likely you are playing in a league above your level.
  3. The higher you hit, the more points you should get. Lower level players shouldn’t get points skewed in their favor simply as a handicap. If you two players hit the same base in PvP, they should get the same points.

You said it yourself you are surrounded by more powerful teams. They beat you. Just because you are 1 of 25 teams in a specific league doesn’t mean you have a 1/25 chance of winning the event. The random Olympian running against Usain Bolt doesn’t have an equal chance of winning. It’s simply reality.

Do you have any actual criticism of the event itself? In the other thread they suggested resetting the teams once or twice so you don’t get stuck by bad luck in your placement all event. Or is the solution you want simply “make it easier for weaker teams to do well and make it harder for strong teams” so you can place higher?


This round, we were placed next to a team with “Mega players.” We got hit by 14 megas from one player on that team in the first three hours of the event. Every hex we took, they mega-d back.

Then you know what happened? The people doing megas went to sleep. And their neighbors, us included, chewed away at their territory, dealt with their hammer-spam, and locked them back in their capital.

The next day? They mega-d it all right back. And the next night they were shut down again. By the third time they mega-d out their territory, going even further than before, people expanded in other directions first, instead of focusing on the mega team.

We ended up with control of a lot of the southwest, and consolidated that while fighting off incursions from the mega team. We came in first. The team that came in second? They were on the other side of the team with “Mega players.” They did the same thing we did. Know when to fight, when to retreat, when to push back, when to redirect. Strategy isn’t a cure-all, but it does a lot to counter the effects of money.

As with any event, it IS set up to benefit the top players. That’s…kind of how competition works. And yes, it sucks that high-level players can dismantle what you’ve built, and yes it’s demoralizing, but it also makes sense. I may have spent months building my base, or hours collecting resources, but a level 600 can still tear through my base and steal my stuff easily. And that’s…kinda reasonable, honestly.

But as I said above, it’s totally possible to be competitive - even win - if you’re not stuffed to the gills with top-level players or high-spenders.

And part of that is learning from the experience, and figuring out what you could have done better next time. Or even realizing that perhaps this league is too tough for you at the moment - that you need more players, more activity, tougher bases and dragons, more stored resources, etc., to be competitive at this level. There’s a reason (several, actually) that you don’t see teams of 20 level 50 players in Diamond I.

If you’re being attacked by 5 different teams, odds are you’re a) Weaker than the nearby teams, making you easy targets for points, and/or B) Trying to hold onto territory you’re too weak to hold.

If you’re one of the weaker teams in the league, stretching yourself thin, or holding on to monuments is a good way to lose what you have. Stretched thin, odds are good some other team will punch through you to get where they want to go, or to add more buffer to their defenses. Monuments are a priority for competitive teams, so if you take one, odds are good people will come for it.

If you’re still getting pounded, you might want to consolidate. One of the weaker teams in our league, for example, spent the event fighting for a minor monument instead of taking the Blackbloods spaces between their capital and the edge of the map. They could have made far more points, for far less effort, and been far less of a target if they’d left the monument to someone else, and taken what they could hold.

Ummm…it’s not fair. It’s not meant to be fair. None of the events are fair, or meant to be fair. Higher-level, higher-spending, more-active, more-numerous, better-coordinated teams have the advantage in every event.

It’s never going to be a perfectly level playing field. But if you’re too far outmatched, drop down a league or two until the battles are more even.


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