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We are the bones of a great team. We have had a great environment and are supportive of memebers. We love to help out each other and share reasorces.
We have had a restructure and lost some dead weight. Unfortunately we waited a little long and now have lost a number of the higher level players which has exposed us to war attacks.
We fully expect with a repopulation to get back on the horse and crack back up the ladder again.

We urgently require 16 players to fill the gaping hole. We are a committed team and work on the basis that wars are a must and comps should be completed to the best of you ability. It all helps the team in the long run. We are English speaking and have memebers in most time zones. If this sounds like something that you or a group might be interested in look us up at Ngloriousreign MrMagni

We are looking for people to join our team as well, like half of the team doesn’t play anymore lol. If you would like to merge with us that would be great! We have several high level players and a fantastic support system. Our high level players help everyone with xp runs and sharing resources takes up most of our chat lol. We coordinate on wars, xp runs, events, and resource runs. If our team sounds like a good fit, we would love to have you join us!
We are Gold III currently but that will be turned around when we complete our team. AkichitaWopaka

Are you still looking?

We have a Great team we help each other all the time come and check us out GrimTailz you will love us