Please resolve the Ryuu conundrum

Ryuu has been a part of the game since I started playing 5 years ago. Initially, I had thought that it actually was a strong dragon, just like the game said. However, it isn’t. It has been abandoned by PG for several years and has no real significance to the game, nor does it add any benefit at all to the average player.

Here are a couple of ways that this can be addressed:

  • Have its AP / stats scale up based on the player’s strongest dragon (highest AP).

  • Remove it entirely as it is useless.

  • Replace it with another dragon, with new or modern spells, possibly scaled along with the player’s highest tier.

  • Replace it with some other kind of benefit, like a base boost.

I know that this isn’t such a priority as some more serious issues, like those related to Atlas and seasonal things, but it’s just something that I’ve noticed and felt deserved some kind of thread. Thanks for reading.


We don’t touch the water dragon.

History will repeat itself.


Another way would be to just leave it as it is, and not use it once you have a 3 digit level. That would take less programming time than all the proposed options, while being as effective as most of them.

I get where you’re coming from, but there’s just no real case for spending dev resources on messing around with Ryuu.


I just think Ryuu could be much more than it is at the present moment. But again, thank you for reading and providing input. I understand where you’re coming from.


Look up the water dragon in the forum and you will quickly find many resources on this suggestion and why it’s been left as it is…….
Great suggestion sadly just not a viable one due to the coding of this game and ryu is part of the base code of this game and yes it’s been attempted and no it didn’t work lol


That’s unfortunate. Wasn’t there a similar issue when attempting to change how bases are laid out?

It almost seems like if they really wanted to change things like this, they’d have to rewrite the whole game. Obviously not viable in the slightest but it would work in the end lol.

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It actually was… from what I’ve heard from my uncle. :rofl:

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Nope, nope, all the nopes.
They tried removing Ryuu before and it was apparently game breaking. He’s nested so deeply into the code that if you try to drag him out then he’s taking the game with him (he’s a brat).
From what they said in the past when they swapped out Ryuu for the temporary trial Namaka it still caused significant problems and there are some people who still have that Nam in their rosters.

Ryuu is an irrelevant part of the game, just ignore him but for the love of Almighty Chunk dont try to mess with him or you’ll break the world. Just throw him away if you get him and dont worry about him


Can we at least name him The War Dragons Godfather then? Since seemingly he has the ultimate power in the game lol. No Ryuu…no WDs :sweat_smile:


Oh for the love of god can we all have common sense pls touch Ryuu and the whole game is doomed especially when they swapped him for Namaka when she was the first Invoker a lot of issues began after that happened and they swapped Ryuu back and I’m pretty sure those issues wither got resolved and some still persisted.

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Would it be amazing to use Ryuu a lot more efficiently and for fun? Yup!

But, it seems as though the way the game is coded, it’s a no-go, unfortunately.

But, I feel your pain. I have to sacrifice him just to get rid of him in my roster as soon as I get him. I find him rather annoying. But, c’est la vie!


Stacking IF is a good use for them if you have enough on hand to stack.


At low levels he can be left In Your roster so a player without heals can always join a teammates attack to gather resources……:nerd_face:

Sorry he’s not useless😜
And yes I see players below Lv 30 actually use him down in gold :+1:
Now while he is a feature that only a tiny percentage of the player base finds useful does not mean he’s useless :man_shrugging:
And that tiny percentage that can actually utilize him are very valuable to our community!
Those are future dragon lords and possible spenders……


For 2 years I have not touched my Shrine Dragon. I have kept my Shrine Namaka because that is visually more pleasing to look at than Ryuu.

What does this choice mean for me? It means that I have a dragon in my roster that will never be used, nor can do anything with. :cry:


OMG that’s dedication and patience, Blaze! :rofl:. Color me impressed!


Not like a 4.0M Namaka can do anything in comparison to a 5.1B Morak haha

I have Namaka on my level 72 alt as well, and I always get mails asking me how I got a mythic lmao


Ugh I still get sad thinking about Morak. If only he could still fully death gaze 127s! :pleading_face::weary::sob:


Morak is one dragon I could maybe consider for a resurrection branch….other would of course be Krelos :rofl::see_no_evil::grin:


I’m jealous. I should have kept mine way back when lmao

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