Please revert the red mage tower graphics

Since the last patch, an unannounced change to the Red Mage tower aura makes it very difficult to visualize the defense towers when attacking and tell if towers are being buffed on defense with consumables.

We really need that graphic changed back to the way it was. That way we can see what is happening.



Jeez I really don’t like saying this but Hwrd is right.


LU cat

True and when you encounter 3 towers on an island (2 reds and a blue), it’s impossible to identify which one is the blue (if you haven’t spotted it before attacking) due to that aura.


It’s like a effing red mushroom :mushroom: unless you’re on acid it’s hard to even look at :joy:

PG plz change it back to the old way :beers:


Yep, I have to agree. I really do not like the new red mage aura at all.


Is like being blindsided before your eyes can adjust to it, and sometimes by then your half dead :joy: Agree can we change it back way was, else seriously turn the aura down some, please :thinking:


Let’s play Can you spot the blue mage? lol


Revert the red mage graphics

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Rework them all together
  • I just want to see the results

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Let me go talk to the team and figure out why the change was made


Probably some people are color blind no offense I just hit the tower that looks purple

It’s ugly, but I’ve come to like the new look better. I have a much easier time telling which is red and where it is from a distance with the crisp edges of the current look.

I don’t find defense consumables worse than before. They have always made it near impossible to see anything or distinguish certain towers for both attacker and defender, and I hate them. But the new red mage look I’ve made my peace with very quickly.

Everything was always suffused with red light making colors hard to distinguish. But if you look at the edges in confused Kate’s pic it’s easy to see where the reds must be.

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I have collor blind dad and when he try to play ,he said " i see nothing " … That hes mean he cant see super shots as like storm tower. hes not even correct where is storm / earth towers are cover.

Dont say me ,he must check the base before then hit… your right but hes just try to play :upside_down_face:
Maybe PG better care people who has defect of vision problem . i dont know :relieved:

I like the new aura. I sure wish my sorcerer could hit all the monuments though. :cry:

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I just spoke with the art team, were gonna try to keep the aura and make it so that its easier to see the type of tower. There should be an update in the next client update.


Hi there! Do you mind providing more info as to which monuments your sorcerer is unable to hit? We’re going to look into this.



This one is consistently difficult to hit. Only occasionally works.

These two are hit or miss.

I’m only talking about the swipe attack. Spells work fine.

I’ve also noticed Morak specifically has trouble hitting the wall before Island… counts fingers …five on the atlas map. Not sure what’s up with that. I can hit it with any other dragon.


Please dont forget the spot, hitbox on the base castle , final island

Thank you


Oh yeah that’s annoying too!

Stop making polls :roll_eyes: