Please scale the Water Dragon!

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Glad to find this thread. Sorry to see it time out with no changes. For months The Water Dragon came in as my third most powerful. Recently I can’t wait to be rid of him. If he were scaled up to the 3rd, 2nd or 1st most powerful it would finally do the words “Water” (the most Powerful Element!) and GOD justice!

I think it was deisgned to help at lower levels.

The higher level you are, quality and quantity of dragons goes up.

The water dragon was capped at a certain level due to all the glitches that it caused a long time ago

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They are talked about this before. Water dragon exists from before PG even bought the game. Campuslifer once mentioned the way it is programmed was very odd and that every time they have tried messing with how it functions has had unforeseen consequences, so they stopped trying.


I feel like we are talking about mythology in War Dragons, the time before Pocket Gods took over the game… That’s interesting to think that way, Ryuu being a Titan from the older world, unpredictable if you mess with him… The old magic vs the new magic… :blush:

Woops sorry I digressed. I’m a storyteller, my bad :grin:


Don’t be sorry, you made the game sound way more interesting than it actually is. PG should totally hire you so we can get some more lore bits during events.


I have a sneaking suspicion that this is why they haven’t changed a lot in war dragons and instead opted to add new stuff on to it. Editing someone elses code can be extremely difficult, but adding new code is a lot easier.

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I actually really liked the lore bits… I had an awesome lore for Oksana, but I didn’t find a name, and I was too late to submit it when I made up my mind to send something, even if it was a half-baked name…

Unfortunately, it seems like the lore, much like the plot of the game cough cough has been forgotten entirely…


PG should have just purchased the concept of the game and begin coding from scratch rather than build on an existing flawed system.

To their credit they have taken the game really far despite all the glitches and flaws. But I doubt we will ever see a WD product from them that is without significant issues. Once you build on a broken foundation, cracks will continue to grow.

I think you are blaming a lot of the issues on this “foundation” and not the contractor doing the work lol

There were talks about PG considering adjusting it soon. I think it was mentioned in some stream… let‘s see :thinking:

At this point, I have no idea what “it” is. Are you referring to the original subject of the water dragon, or the lore and plot of the game, or the core code/foundation of the game as a whole?

Sorry, I was referring to Ryuu according to the thread title.

Thank you for clarifying. I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints about scaling in general, which makes me think PG is using the old scale built for green tier max instead of making a new one for the ever increasing lineage tiers. It’s reminding me of an older game where the xp needed to level up kept multiplying by 2. Needless to say, it made progression very difficult in the later levels.

I don’t want to go too far off topic, but yes, PG does a horrible job at scaling.

But it’s getting better I think, XP from bases and RSS transfer amounts were finally updated for everyone, lvl50-60 towers got fixed…

And who knows, maybe someday they will even scale the XP from towers, tokens from missions, timers or even good old Ryuu :smile:

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