Please stop with Kingdom Wars


Can we please not have this event any longer? The reset is too long and well quite honestly most players lose interest in only being able to PvP against the same two or three teams. I see from previous posts that this is an ongoing disappointment. I was sad when you took away capture the flag.


While I don’t really like KW, there is still many room for improvement in this event.


(think we still have more map variation for this event, which may improve the gameplay)


I love it.


PG has been given plenty of suggestions on how to improve it. Maybe they will one day but for now it sucks.


Whats the problem?

Fight Pits should be eliminated before Kingdom

Gauntlet before Fight Pits

KOTH resurrected lol


I keep attacking the same enemy after 3 days now! What’s the problem do you think? Very boring


Basically to me is a complex game of roulette alliances lol working together with teams randomly located. Hated or threatening teams strategized against.

Its been a lot of fun in S1 at least.


KW is the worst in rotation Atm. Needs a revamp. At least in CtW, you could hit any team, now you’re stuck with 1-3 teams for the entirety of the extended weekend.

Fight pits is fine

Gauntlet needs to dissolve the megaquit mechanics. Either no Mega’s for first 15 minutes or mega’s are only the % of base destruction up to 70% destruction = full points.

Koth can’t come back due to old incompatible code, and I hated the barricade mechanic. Necessary to win but no personal points for doing so.


We got allies we cannot attack and a strong enemy we need to keep fighting. Therefore I keep playing the same map all event. Oh god!


That sucks :frowning:

I agree though that was a major flaw…


Yep they need to just shoot it, burn it them shoot the ashes and then we never speak of this unholy abomination of an event again. They dont need to try to fix it, they already failed at that. They could maybe use suggestions towards a new event but this one just needs to die


I think mostly because it’s only usable for KotH, and useless
Think PG can design a new PvP to be more similar to KotH?

Like KW, but not restricted by range, and much less area.


Those that threw mills in barricade up on the 2nd-3rd shield were damn hard to take lol and u couldnt really work together against a common adversary because too random when difference is split :rofl:

I cant help it id still love to play it again, it was my favorite.


24 hrs to wait to get more energy is just non sense. all pvp events should be every 4 hrs. or at least change the point system when u can only rf your energy in such a long time.

  • PG changed Gauntlet’s reset cost from 24h to 4h
  • PG increased point requirement for prize by 4x
  • PG claims that 6x shorter reset cost worth more than 4x increased point requirement
  • The Team Gauntlet happened during discount period

:scream::scream::scream: Nightmare? Chaos?

An assumption…  


I’ve said it many times before. I hate Kingdom Wars. It’s is boring beyond belief.


Agree. This event is sooooooooooo boring. Let’s hit the same 5 or so bases 100x :roll_eyes:. At least the other events your enemies rotate. This one not so much. Stop kingdumb wars please.


Same boat, and it’s a REALLY BIG boat.

We’ve been going back-and-forth with one team all weekend. Except for part of the first day when we were attacking black bloods and a few other neighbors, I’ve spent the entirety of this weekend attacking the same one base. Exactly HOW is that “fun?”

@PGChocolate @PGRocket you once said you were committed to making fun events. Can you either make this one fun or find something to replace it, please?


Seems to me that the energy cool down is longer and the team prize requirement higher… just seems odd to me.


There were a couple community suggestions for a revamp. Both were well thought out and would be an improvement. Red’s was one, posted earlier by OrcaFrost, the other one can be found here.