Please stop with Kingdom Wars


Yes this ever get boring very fast and makes it super easy to farm points after finding the right bases I did fall a sleep doing hit in event a few times it’s the same thing you take all there land they take yours this is just a event of lvls and see who has the top dragon to do what needs to be done I love pvp but this one sucks like fight the pits


I hate kingdom wars from the bottom of my dragon soul


Usually I hate KW. But this time it has been quite fun. But that is entirely due to the starting position and the surrounding teams being a similar level and activity. So maybe it can be fixed.

Come on PG look at all the good suggestions from Red etc


That doesn’t mean it can’t come back, only that they would need to rewrite it or fix it.

To be honest, it seemed just as stable from the user experience as the new events do, so hopefully they meant it was requiring a lot of back end work, because that seemed like more of an excuse to take away an event that couldn’t have mega coins added without breaking it.

I agree the barricade mechanic was not in a good place, but it wouldn’t be hard to fix that.

They definitely should fix how mega coins work. Unlimited paid progress will eventually drive away all the customers.


In terms of boredom, most events have a boredom “issue”.

  1. Fight pits - you can attack a variety of bases, but really shouldn’t be attacking for 5.5 hours out 6. So a lot of dead time.
  2. Gauntlet - mind numbingly boring PVE islands that you have to get through to do well, but a timing issue with an engaging PVP pop island that typically isn’t around long.
  3. Temple raid - no timing issue, but boring PVE guardians, and just try and find a team that you’d like hit by inspecting those tiny icons. Additionally, there generally is no compelling competition as the teams are working on different race tracks and the race to be first is seldom close - and there is no benefit to finishing second, third, etc.

Historical events I enjoyed most were KOTH - yes, the barricades sucked, but you could hit any team at any time and be helping your team - and Capture the Flag - I liked being able to hit every team, not just those you are in the pit with, and though there was the same rush at the end of the round, you could be productive all the time racking up points against teams that were inactive that round - as oppose to Fight Pits where you actually hurt your team if you score points early in the round and make yourself a megacoin target. Additionally, while you could be coined in Capture the Flag, it just cost you one flag, not the whole round’s performance/effort.


The best thing about kingdom wars is I’ve only signed into the game twice in the past week. :rofl:

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I love Kingdumb Bores!!!

We take the weekend off and spend 0!!!

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Ive suggested that if they want barricades make something that basically does the same thing but resets when the event is over. They just need to be rewarded generously to those that put in the time as well as have worked for the skill, this can be done by some type of reward system based from dragons that died(merely using them has no penalty but if they die then you are penalized, cant swap)… which i think would be cool but just is an example.


Everyone complains about this event yet there it is. But they remove events people enjoy. Bottom line is money I’m sure. The spenders are probably lining their pockets and… stomachs on this event.


Problem is we look for challenge, not the dull repetition of only the same limited number of players to attack. We try to do our duty to our team but the edge is taken off. They could try switching neighbours after 12/24 hours. Move the best scoring teams around. Simplistic I know but anything would help after that first fun has passed.

Second problem - established a small alt the day before the event. One is allowed to attack BUT lowest Blackblood is 20. So we discourage event participation by a section of team players in lower leagues - which discourages team play in some ways. The lower leagues aren’t full of 50/50 teams - the good ones are recruited by talent spotters. It’s a simple fix to make a lower Blackblood team


I started liking kingdom wars once I chose to ignore it and look at it as a mini break from the game


Would kingdom wars be a little more fun with a raid button though… :thinking:


“Old incompatible code” - incompatible with Megas