Please Update the Search Bar


PG… I am on my knees here… BEGGING… Please change your teeny tiny magnifying glass up there into a full search bar!! Its painfully obvious most people aren’t seeing it or even making an attempt at searching before they create the same thread as 1200 other people. I know… most won’t use it anyway still, but worth a shot? I will send you a thank you letter with a 2.3% chance of having $400 enclosed after this task is complete!! Best of luck and thank you!


Send it to them in pennies :+1:t2:


Meh, what’s the big deal? Reply with link, close, move on.


Its constant lol… isn’t a huge deal but if making the search bar a little more obvious to most helps clear some of it up then that’s a good thing!


Honestly though, I don’t think you can get any clearer than the enormous, half screen pop ups that even show you related threads, while you are typing the new one.


This makes me want to make another thread asking to change the magnifying glass into a search bar :grimacing:


Haha I know, but it’s gonna happen anyway. Redundant threads would probably fade quicker without a continuous stream of two superior cents berating it back to the top of the list. Oh well.


But more often than not titles are not accurately related to the body of the thread… I would not mind a bigger magnifier or the mandatory task of searching keywords before any new thread for new members with less than an hour of reading time who did not receive their “Discobot badges”…

@XxKillaKingxX can you please edit your title so it is related to your message? Because right now it’s just unclear.


Surprised I have to repeat this comment, but here it is on another thread anyway.
This forum & its build were created by Discourse, NOT PG. PG do not have any control over the features of this site, including the size of the magnifying glass.


Yeah lol, updated.


I agree that the title is unclear :laughing: I just came to read this one since it sounded interesting and I tend to read new posts in every category except for recruitment.


idc honestly who changes it… its created for a game ran by PG, whoever created it, runs it, changes it, i’m sure will read it and get the idea nonetheless.


It depends on licensing. Some software companies will let customers do custom integrations and/or configuration, or PG can propose features to Discourse.

It would be fun to enforce search for those 5m and under, though there are others with much higher read times who post duplicates anyway. :woman_shrugging: At least there’s a thread start limit early on.


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