Pls remove 0% refunds

Pls please remove the 0% refunds many are hitting and quitting because they get defenders and it’s not right u hit to high that’s is there problem not pocket gems or the player base @PGGalileo

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In my case I recently upgraded to a Samsung S20.

It runs super smooth until I get even 1 defender and then it is a total lag mess.

Its like playing Hau2 with a double rewind on every island. Completely unplayable.

I understand some of the current Apple phones have the same issues or freezes.


It was implemented because of issues like people getting phone calls, glitches, etc.
they get nothing from the run other than wasted time and points aren’t deducted from your team. I don’t see the issue.
Also, connection issues are a huge problem when defenders join.
The game is already costly, who cares if someone wants to save their mega and they get nothing for doing so.
With everything going on this event, I think this is the last thing that’s needed to be looked into.


There’s a natural consequence to the 0% hitting and quitting in that it massively slows players down, so not a good strategy for temple or gauntlet. For events like KW that are a grind as it is, makes it more grind-y.

I see a lot of hit and quits when defending, but I would rather that then need to be at the mercy of support, begging for my rss everytime I get lagged out at 0%. But maybe that is just me lol


I disagree with this. They should leave it the way it is.


Off topic: its not the phone. I have it. Runs as smooth with 3 defenders as it does with 0.

On topic: leave it the way it is. Doesn’t hurt anyone and allows for players like bloodsworn above that has connection issues, to not waste res.


they are also openly admitting using it to there advantage in d2 which is totally not right it needs to be fixed because what is the point in defending runs in event if you get a defender and able to quit and get refunded and doing over and over?

plus on top of all this, how many lose megas at start why not make it all full points then if that is the case? it is completely not a good move on pgs part because how many get a call right at 0% :roll_eyes:

Because you have done your job.

What is the purpose of defending?
To stop your opponent.

You have done that. They have obtained 0 points. And taken 0 points from your team. You achieved this by spending no hammers. Job well done.

Its not just about calls. Some people live in places with poor Internet. When defenders join the game lags out to the point of unplayable.


You don’t lose points. They don’t gain points. It’s a waste of time for them. You don’t waste defending rss. I still do not see the point of this argument.
People have varying degrees of lag. When defenders join my runs on my iPad right now it skips every few seconds making it almost impossible to have a successful run. If that happens, I quit and hit a different target.

You lose nothing. They gain nothing. That’s the point of the mechanic.


and the fact is this they use it on that high level target it should be used simple do not hit high if you can not take the base that mythics should be refundable to right? i mean u dont waste nothing i mean if i quit a war attack @ 0 that means i shouldnt have it count on my hit! when i land on a castle i should be able to move and or park on a bubble because i dont want defense or to be enfeebled the list can go on and on and on fact is folks are using this as a easy way out because defended they can not take a base!

I always find it interesting when players put team rank above rrs value. The only team that wins is PG. If your team quits at 0% the same amount of time your opponent quits, no one is losing anything. If both teams lose their mega, sure defender feel good, but PG is the ultimate winner.

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so give free rss because that all it is doing hit who you can not who you want!

Not when it’s a matter of speed. There is always a winner when someone does it faster.

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where is this speed your talking in pvps except gauntlet i mean it is not about speed just give free rss only folks that hating this are the ones who mega quit just to be refunded and try not to get defenders

Try and understand something.
When they quit, they get 0% points, and lose 0 points.
I understand why it’s annoying but you don’t lose anything from this. Most of the time, this is good for people who may be kicked randomly, crash, phone die, perfectly timed notification, etc.


and them points can be used again on your team giving that push in event if they launch it they confirmed it therefore it should be gone

does not matter its not players vs pg anyways its players vs players
its alliance vs alliance as well i mean since it is us vs pg in your eyes let me have your castles since it is player vs pg in your eyes that is

I don’t think anyone can change her mind so there’s no point in this thread anymore.
Sure, have everyone lose resources on a game that is known for lag and connection issues when defenders join. :+1:t2:


Who you think you are @FierceNip ?

I’m the only ignorant person here…

This town isn’t big enough for both of us…:joy:

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