Plus de Perles noires

Je n’ai pas reçu de perles noires depuis des mois. Est-ce normal ?

Je crois qu’ils sont maintenant disponible uniquement en or coffres pendant fortification événements.

Je suis désolée mais je ne parle pas le français bien :zipper_mouth_face:.

Yea i want more black pearls too, we used to get a good number from fort archivement prizes but it got removed since high level players had too many of those, now low levels barerly get any.

No no no.ther are on many black pearls. It’s a curse I tell ya.

I dont want an increased drop rate, just an increased amount per drop, older players used to get a ton from the fort prizes, now thats gone so new players are struggling unless they open a ton of chests during fort.

Currently there are way too few black pearls in chest drops, even during forti imo. A lvl ~50 perch needs 4.5k pearls roughly for an upgrade. For me that would be roughly 400 gold chests to get enough pearls (maybe 225/40 gold chests drop rate that I experienced).

Les perles noires se gagnent essentiellement dans les coffres or. Depuis des mois je trouve cela bizarre

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