Plz fix lockjaws iron wind

Lockjaws ironwind doesn’t always work you use it and still get hit. Specially when mages or howizter fires, you time and fire iron wind in plenty of time and still get hit. Supposed to stop incoming and freeze tower for few secs, plz fix

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its not the iron wind its the towers that are glitched!


Ironwind was already fixed, and I believe you need to be in a certain range to freeze the towers - you can’t freeze supershots mid air. So, if you’re at front of 5, you won’t be able to freeze things on 4. As Prince said, the problem is currently with towers themselves, not the spell.


you have to be in range to freeze the shots yes!


Don’t have that issue namaka mystic winds plus there a lot of times I will fire iron wind it will freeze shots mid, but sometimes does work, that’s what I am asking them to fix

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You’re comparing 2 completely different dragons/spells


Iron win works just fine now. Tower ranges and ss are glitched. Also keep in mind that Iron Wind can only stop ss of towers in range of the spell.


its tower range that is off you cant freeze unless your in range of them towers and them towers fire far away which is where it is biting you in the a$$ its not iron wind i have not had that issue since they fixed it!

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That spell doesn’t freeze shots, it evades them. Completely different mechanic.

It never freezes shots directly. Every freeze spell freezes towers, and also freezes shots fired by those towers and those towers alone. Shots fired by towers that didn’t freeze won’t stop.

There is nothing to fix here, the issue is with your understanding of how the spell works.


If an tower on isle 4 fire ss and you use iron wind on isle 5. It wont stop those ss. Just right now ss ranges are broken so yes, it happens to get hit now. But its not the spell that fails.


cant fix it if it is not broken!

But it only stops the shots, if the tower is still alive while using the spell. If the red mage fires at you, you kill the mage and then use the spell, it won’t stop the supershot. And I REALLY hate this! It’s also illogical, to me at least.

@PGGalileo is this really how it’s supposed to be?

I believe that’s how it’s always been for freeze spells

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This is literally how this type of freeze work
If it affects the tower it will stop the shot this is the same logic with meglok but no one complains about this the last time

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I do since i first noticed it, which is a while now :sweat_smile:

Yes, like I said it only works on the towers you freeze. If there is no tower, you can’t freeze it.


It cant stop ss of towers not in his range, thats how all freeze spells act. I agree that dead mages should not be able to still fire Ss even you killed it and freeze runs out though. I mean dead is dead :thinking: but if you kill a freezed mage and its same time your freeze duration runs out, it fires its ss. I still believe this should be fixed as something dead should be dead.

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Would be pretty cool since it’s a breath style freeze, if it froze everything in its range

No my issue is your in range fire iron wind and tower does not freeze and shot gets fired happen so many times this event even coming around corner and mage in front row still gets shot off, after not before after I launch iron wind.

The range glitch recently everyone get affected by this