Poacher bonus even real?

So this mystical poacher bonus. What exactly is it? Where does it go? How much is it? I’ve been monitoring my inventory and that of my teams banks and it seems to be nothing as far as I can tell. Why is there no log for it? Help a brotha out here!

When a poacher is captured (all of the poachers are killed) there is a bonus. (Check the count in the bottom right [I think] for the number remaining)

I believe it is just crafting materials bonus. Might also be gold. I thought the message tells you.

If your team kills 60% of the poacher (of the number remaining) you get an increased bonus

If your team gets all 100% of the poacher (of the remaining) you get even more bonus.

I think that’s it. Someone else can correct me.

I don’t think he’s questioning what’s supposed to happen, instead, IF it actually happens.

Well it happened to me just now. I had 6k gold and just logged back in got poacher bonus and was over 50k.. - EDIT apparently bad test data. Not sure what happened

I’ve never gone as far as to check the crafting materials before and after.

EDIT: I just tried to test crafting materials and was not able to since I have 76k of the material I hit on the poacher, even 100% of the 15 ice crafting materials I got won’t display in the forge inventory. Maybe someone with a big land bonus can test this

Can they just put the loot on the confirmation screen? They already tell you that it happened, why not just take that same info and display it for the user to see?

Yes so 4 poachers just went down for me, I had 0 gold, I still have 0 gold. Don’t see any increase in team bank gold either. I found a thread about a month old through google where pgjared acknowledged it was broken but that a fix was coming. However, I’ve been able to find no information of a fix, and seen no evidence of a fix.

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I never receive a bonus from poachers being destroyed… I have even made the effort to have 0 gold to make sure I see the change but never happens

@PGDave is there an actual bonus from poachers being killed?

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27d ago, though:


Yep that’s the one I saw, but can not find anywhere where there was any resolution. 13 dead poachers since I posted this and not a single piece of gold

It says you get a bonus when the poacher is completed, but it does not say what that bonus actually is and there is no way to tell what it is.

Therefore, without proof of said bonus, I have to doubt there IS a bonus. It’s just lockerroom talk, like the message, “attacker has a slow network connection.” That’s not true in most cases, either.

Locker room talk I like it lol

There will be a bonus for defeating poachers. I thought it was live already, but @Arelyna is going to help double-check the status of this and will let you all know.


Gold is received when you defeat a poacher member, but the bonus for defeating the entire poacher is/will be a large chunk of crafting materials (large relative to the initial payout of crafting materials alongside the gold).


do we have any range for the rewards?

Like defeating 5 poachers on your region gives:
120~150k bonus gold
50~200 bonus crafting materials
10~20 bonus crafting scrolls

Without any indication, those who has access to Atlas won’t notice the bonus and would most likely contact support on how much they have obtained.

The bonus is said to be gold AND crafting materials according to game script… gold is life, make it gold please lol. Honestly it’s pointless if it’s crafting materials, unless there are scrolls in that loot. Or shards of all colors. Because everyone can tell you you certainlyndont need any more of your home base shards.

If it were to reward gold, it shouldn’t be until it’s confirmed via popup, or it could just be raided off :see_no_evil:

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Instead of the message being text I’d like to see what it actually was?
That would help track if it’s working or not.


We have a fix for this, and it should be going live with the next minor update.


Ok so what about compensation for the unfathomable amount of rss lost… 3 gold chests and 40 egg tokens lemme guess. Now you flag my post? Lol