Poacher bonus rewards


Maybe I’m missing the intent. But after guild has killed off poachers taking all the hits, we get the message about the reward bonus. I have been watching the last few times and new difference in crafting materials or gold in inventory. Anyone else notice this os am I missing the intent ?


Yes, I have thought the same thing. Would be nice to know how much of a bonus we are getting- IF we are getting a bonus. I haven’t been able to see any difference in my inventory. Would it be possible to put the amount we are getting in the notification?


I had 0 gold and it said I got a bonus and nothing changed…
sad another thing broken


I am fairly certain it quit working one possibly two beta updates ago.


The bonus should be awarded after the poacher is completely defeated (then it is awarded to the players on the one team who got the most scratches). The notification should tell you what bonus you earned … sounds like it needs some work.


It isn’t working. I get the message but gain absolutely nothing


for quite some time, I might add. like weeks if I’m wrong.


I have to wonder if the rewards are being applied, and then the message applies later which makes it look like nothing changes at the time the message is received. But that’s pure speculation. We’re getting to the bottom of it / looking into it in our test environment.


I can sit at zero gold and 30k shards for majority of the day and even when I do get message numbers are still the same. It isn’t being awarded I am almost 100% certain.


The messages are definitely appearing at the correct times since i’m always one of the last ones scrambling to get runs down before the poachers go down.


Same mech, it is broken


quick update – we’re investigating this and will get it fixed.

Poacher bonus even real?
Missleading Atlas Messages

No change in my rss after poacher was finished


Looks like you got two rubies, so maybe that’s the bonus loot :joy:


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