Poacher positioning


It’s becoming a hassle to select a Poacher when it’s positioned directly beneath an island or a mine (and often completely hidden by it). 75% of my posts here have to do with time constraint issues, and having to tap and exit twenty times to select the Poacher (or any target) is ridiculous. You get “Are you sure you want to attack this player?” or the island itself (HQ, bank, etc.) and end up tapping blindly all over and around the area in hopes of nailing your target. Too clumsy.


Yeah, this annoys me a lot too. Though we’re aware of the issue, it hadn’t really been prioritized yet (even though it bugs me in my own game on a daily basis too). Thanks for the nudge. I’ve moved up the priority of this. It’s going to be a little tricky, but I know we can do it. I don’t have a timeline for you yet, but it’s on the near-term radar now.


Poachers should be a front/top layer item.
It may “look” dumb for them to roll over the goldmine in a straight line since it is supposed to be a mountain, but currently they “tunnel” through it!
It will may playing easier it they simply roll over mines, cities, portals, etc as an upper/top/foreground item/asset. (Sorry, I don’t know what terms you guys use internally for these things, only what therms I would assign them if working in the graphics software I am familiar with).


This could be a short term “fix” until a sophisticated one can be devised, if it is even needed.


Unfortunately, we can’t change the z-ordering of Poachers without an app update, though that’s a great idea. An engineer started working on poacher pathing today … and the good news is that we can deploy that fix to our servers as soon as they have a fix (and our QA team has tested it). If we’re lucky, it’ll be ready to push live on Monday!


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