Poacher shards reduced

Is there a reason why shards from poachers were reduced? Is it because you will get a bigger bonus after everyone defeats it? @PGDave

I couldn’t tell you, Atlas isn’t even working right now. You go in and it freezes the game…

i need more shards not less

Grrrr, please stop nickel and diming us on every little thing.

@PGDave was this an intended change? I don’t remember seeing anything about it in the update notes.

Mine are exactly the same.

@PGDave can we have a list of bonus xp/gold/tokens we earn based on infrastructures lvl?

You’ll see it when you collect daily egg tokens, but I haven’t seen that popup elsewhere yet :frowning:

It looks like our egg token payout, shards and XP bonus all went down by a material amount. Was this an intended change @PGDave?

We’re updating Atlas with the overhauled UI for Primarchs and Castles today. It includes a “Bonuses” button that you can press when you tap on your castle and then tap the “Manage” menu button. The bonuses page is the same as you see when claiming tribute, but is always available to look at.

@Spooky Previously bonuses were earned based on a complex mix of the aggregate quality of territory your team owned plus how upgraded your infrastructure was. To simplify the system and make it easy to explain to teams what they needed to do to get better bonuses, the system has been altered such that bonuses are provided solely from infrastructure (but that infrastructure is much more influential than before). You can look on the bonuses screen (once we release the button to view it as mentioned above) to see what your team needs to do to get bigger bonuses soon. Higher level infrastructure is more valuable. Only the first 20 buildings of any type (or the first 4 for each type/biome of refinery) contribute to the bonuses (so owning a large amount of weak territory is less good than before). This hard cap affects a handful of teams at the top, including yours Spooky, and I expect this is the primary source of change you all will see in your bonuses.

The intent is to make team buffs easier to understand (i.e., what you need to do to boost them), grow in more meaningful chunks and completely eliminate the incentive to own as much territory as possible – instead, the goal is a bit more focused now: own as much of the best territory you can (which seems a bit healthier).

Upkeep changes, as previously discussed, are coming soon too.

EDIT: PS. I intended to post a tutorial for the revised ownership buffs system with screenshots sooner, but obviously that hasn’t materialized yet. I’ll post it (in a separate thread) as soon as possible, hopefully today.

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@PGDave BUT the bonus levels have been reduced by at least 25% to 30% on every consumable in Atlas our daily egg tokens where 830 xp boost was 31% shards boosts are lower gold amounts are lower

Shouldn’t things like this be in update notes? Really frustrating to log in and find changes you were not told about.

@PGDave was the intent to simplify for to scale down? They definitely scaled down and if the intent was simply to make it easier to understand then this sounds like something that needs to be fixed?

@WoIfyMayhem They definitely should have been added into the update notes, and we’re tracking down why it may have been left out of the changelog.

Hopefully I can provide some insight into why bonuses are now smaller than before:

In the past, the largest factor in contributing to Infrastructure buffs was number of castles owned, which was then further (slightly) increased with the level of the relevant infrastructure building. This meant that only possessing a lot of territory mattered, and the quality of that territory did not matter nearly as much. This would also lead to greater emphasis on expanding your reach instead of building up your castles, which then meant less castles available to conquer. With the changes, Infrastructure level provides the larger bonus––it’s now almost always better to upgrade existing infrastructure than to try and take and hold another castle. Instead of building “out”, bigger bonuses will come from building “up” unless your Infrastructure is already maxed-out for the region it’s in, or if you’re looking to secure specific crafting material bonuses. Hopefully, this will change the landscape of Atlas to be more of big impressive bases than a bunch of shacks scattered across the landscape.

As a result, teams with a lot of low level territory have most likely seen their buffs drop recently due to having the bonuses tied more greatly to higher quality infrastructure.

As always, if you feel strongly one way or another with this shift in infrastructure bonuses, we’re open to feedback. Since it’s already been mentioned that communicating these changes was not sufficiently telegraphed, we’ll place a check-mark next to that point so that we can discuss additional points brought up.


Lol for real mate? And what about all these new team who were only recently added to atlas?
We’re all mostly only able to hold onto lvl 1 or 2s…a lucky few new teams managed to snag a 3…
So we get setback more now for the underdogs, and I feel sorry for the new ones that are gonna get into atlas soon.
Do you play atlas much? Do you see how boring it is?

@PGDave Is it top 4 infrastructure for all bonuses. Some don’t have the note down the bottem like material does


A 50% nerf in poacher payout for my team is completely unacceptable.

@oRYANo It is top 20 for all bonuses except refineries. Refineries get top 4 (there are 5 material types, so that’s still 20 refineries in total).

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I can’t even access the bonus page. It’s obscured by the primarchs button lol

Really though these are major changes and we keep seeing instances where such changes are not properly communicated. It’s kinda frustrating

@Shimo I owe you all a post on this. It was intended to come out sooner, but if you’ll forgive my excuse I’ve been a bit distracted taking care of this little puppy who’s had a rough couple of days. Anyway, I intend to get a post explaining the team bonus changes out soon.

In general, the other big upcoming Atlas changes (Flying Primarchs and teeth for upkeep) have been discussed and iterated on with the community and we’ll try to stick to that approach more often than not. In this case, I think the buffs change was thought of as more of a visual and communication overhaul … but it ended up having a little more bite than originally expected (I’ll explain more later, but tl;dr infrastructure is now the sole contributor to team buffs to help make them easier to grok and while their value was buffed a number of teams had invested only lightly in infrastructure versus simply conquering as much land as possible … and simply conquering isn’t enough especially under this new system).

Sorry for the delay.