Poacher Speed Event

So, is it intentional or an accident that poachers in higher level areas take a stupid amount of hits. Like 35?

Intentional. Better prizes, but requires more hits to fully defeat. On the plus side, more hits means more teammates can get in on the prizes.

The point payout is shockingly low :joy:


The effort vs reward for prizes has been generally poor for the last few Atlas events (exception being the Kingpin event which I enjoyed). Despite this I actually like that the more rewarding poachers need more teamwork/effort.

On a separate comment about the recent iteration of the Poacher event, why was it made completely pvp centric for individual points?
I think the intention was to encourage player interaction to defend poachers on NML, which I think it did achieve and I liked. Having said that, without individual points for poacher hits, it may as well be bloodlust for individual prizes, which takes away from the main focus of the event. In many cases people were earning individual event points by sending a rusher into NML and/or onto enemy territory and waiting to defend it. Or just by attacking whoever they felt was an easy target, not related to whether they were on a poacher or not. Revive, rinse and repeat. In my opinion this shouldn’t be the main aim/strategy of this event.
I think it would make more sense to reinstate a changed individual point mechanic for poacher hits during the poacher event. To shake it up, this could easily exclude mine runs and even the multiplier for this mechanic, in order to separate it from other events where runs earn points with point bonuses from multipliers.

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