Poachers in “mountains”


@PGDave is there a fix for this in the works?


Yes, an engineer is actively working on this. The poachers have never respected boundaries and while it was usually tolerable in our tidy 2D world of perfect rectangles, it’s worse in the more organic shaped 3D world. For now, we all have to try to catch these poachers before they escape into the mountains :(.


I tried to go to a poacher that was very much within the borders of an NML and was suprised that my Primarch tried to travel to the neighbour region. Then I realized that poacher showed in the wrong region and was not a NML poacher. Took a few minutes to call my Primarch back, lucky I didn’t run into a blockade :joy:


Brutes, I’m glad you caught your Primarch in time! I imagine it’ll be several more days before a good solution is ready, but it is actively in progress (just got an update on it from the engineer who is working on it). (Several days mostly because they have to help with other live issues too, like a transfer issue they helped fix yesterday.)


@pgDave Can we get poachers move a little bit away from islands? Having a hard time clicking them, keeps showing teammates


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