Poachers not getting taxed in Atlas


Hi Everyone,

A small question maybe this has been discussed already a lot of times, but just wanna know, why Poachers is not getting taxed in Atlas. Creates a difficulty for banks previously was easy with poachers being taxed. Will be happy to learn if there is a logical explanation to it @pgEcho


you posted in the wrong room. This should be in Atlas Group.


Bank works with gold mine and the Tax is just for there. Refinery works with poachers.


Already being discussed here:

We’re watching feedback on this for now, but as far as I know, this is intentional.


I actually like the balance and what’s going on here. It helps to bring poachers down faster, an incentive for hitting them over a mine once you are done your daily multipliers, and honestly you can just donate the gold to the forts as you see fit once you are done your 3 hits.

Of course i don’t know the implications of teams that have huge masses of lands with tons of poachers available to hit, but i’d assume players would have to weight the travel time between groups of poachers vs being taxed for sitting on a mine.


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