Poachers Ring color


Maybe a noob question. What does the diffrent color ring around poacher represent?


Think it’s only useful when teams share an area. Least that’s the way we used it. Team one gets blue team 2 gets red etc.


Yes, it is purely a communicated aid. My teammates will use it to call out new poachers even when we’re the only ones in a region (e.g., ‘red poacher has spawned in XX’).


Awesomeness thanks for the info


So why not color code the poacher based on its level. So we don’t have to click on it and check?


Poachers in the same region all have the same level based on the level of the region so I’m not really seeing a need for that? The original function of the colors were to distinguish poachers for teams sharing a region. Basically for arrangements like Team A gets blue and green poachers and Team B gets the red poacher so that there’s only one team per poacher and they don’t get blocked from hitting by an “enemy”


Half the Atlas questions are noob ones now…
Thanks for asking, I was wondering just the same!


That is what I was referring to.


My team also sometimes uses color to help people quickly find new poachers. e.g., “new red poacher in region XX, go get it!”


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