Pocket Gem employee turnover

Does Pocket Gems have a high employee turnover rate? I’m wondering if it could be a contributing factor to the game’s quality issues. The Gameplay Faction could take on the role of historian and pass along historical events and issues to Pocket Gems employees so they won’t repeat past mistakes. :man_teacher::woman_teacher:

I don’t know…

But side note, I do miss Joseph :persevere:.

I’ll admit, I laughed…WAY too loud at that one.

Dude, I don’t understand :eyes:

make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision.

You know what I meant :roll_eyes:.

No one liked this :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What…? :crazy_face:

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