Pocket Gems Holiday Break 12/18 - 1/5

Hello all,

As a reminder, Pocket Gems and the War Dragons team is on holiday and will not be back until the 5th of January. We have folks that are around for emergencies only, and those folks do not monitor the forums.

I will also be gone during that time!

Hope you all have a safe holiday season.



How long after the break starts will people say @ pggalileo can you look into this dragon… can you buff this dragon… etc. haha

Have a good winter break and stay safe


Any info on the candy canes before yall fly off?


Enjoy the Holidays while staying safe with your loved ones!:black_heart:

So how do we get in touch with someone in case of an emergency? Oh you mean zendesk…what could go wrong.


Given there are still people having problems since the update, Im guessing the answer is we all get to take 2 weeks off from the game also :joy:
Cross your fingers and your toes and pray to whatever or lack there of that you believe in that for once nothing goes wrong

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Have a lovely holiday, @PGGalileo! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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Happy holidays to the WD team, enjoy!

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What about Christmas dragon will you be able to make him or her??

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Merry Christmas! (Not made by me)

It would have been nice if they’d have told us about the candy canes to get Mozrah before they left for 2 weeks. Unless that isnt happening until next year which would be rather odd

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Hopefully, it’s a paid two weeks off. If not, sorry.

Any chance we’re going to find out what event is this week or is that the real surprise?

Should be pits… we will find out

yep, it’s pits. The “at least it isnt Kingdom Wars” event
Vomit in disgust


PG clearly wanted to go for an event that wouldn’t cause them to come back from their break early to fix…

Sorry, had to be said.

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Meanwhile tho I indeed believe y’all deserve a break and hope your holidays are happy ones… War Dragons has been left in the incapable hands of a belligerent and altogether abusive Support who rather than collect information and table tickets for your return as maybe apropos blame players for whatever ongoing issues there are… make up ridiculous excuses and altogether deny anything wrong whatsoever. The whole point of opening tickets and reporting bugs is too improve game play for all… this kind of anachronistic antagonism is ultimately getting us no where but fast! I mean you deserve a break and we don’t mind waiting for your well rested return but there’s absolutely no call for anyone to get nasty about our attempts to report Candy Cane glitches and ongoing deficit Quest and Egg Balloon tasks failing to credit player actions as happens… so please have yourselves the best possible of holidays but come back and lend some sensibility and community to the spirit of the game… we miss you all!

  1. Since when, and I’m assuming since everyone seems to get the same basic response from them, have they ever “blamed players”? You could say that they have “poor service” or they “don’t fulfill their duties” (two statements of which I disagree, as they are trying, and I am in no place to judge how other people get stuff done), but “blame players”? … come on. If they said something in reference to you, it most likely does mean that there’s something wrong on your end. If not, reply back.

  2. They fixed the candy cane issue… can’t say much about the quests, as I’ve yet to see anyone say they’ve had a problem with them (I personally never have).

The following is not a personal attack, nor insult, to you, GlibCrest. This is speaking in general.

I don’t know what the problem is with Support with the community in general, but they’ve actually been helpful to me (of course I’m just one person). You just have to look at things the right way, follow their instructions (instead of viewing it as nonsensical instructions being given to you for no apparent reason), and keep replying back until your problem is resolved. I don’t think the problem is support; I think it’s the attitudes of the players (I’m not directly referring to you, GlibCrest). They say things in a kind, vehement manner, and people see it as things unworthy of their time, unworthy of their attention, and would rather sit there while their problems still aren’t resolved. I have been in full agreement with every response I have received from support, and I’m not much of a people-person myself. It’s like a cycle where a ticket gets submitted, the player gets an answer, and the player becomes infuriated and shuts the whole operation down. They responded… what more do you want from them? If you get a response, you follow their instructions, and it doesn’t work… tell them that so they can come up with a different solution. They’re there to help the players, and I’m sure they do want to help. The problem is that players don’t seem to want their help. Every response is regarded as ludicrous and disdaining, when all they’re really trying to do is help. Let them help you. That’s what they’re here for. Because what happens if you go to a PG employee, and they give you the exact same answer? You’re going to want to pull your hair out, and you would probably be one step closer to hitting that delete button on the game’s icon. This would all be because you didn’t allow the helpers (support) to help you the first time.

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No, they will generally tell people the problem is on the player’s end. Either our wifi is bad or we dont have enough room or our divice sucks. It’s never an issue on their end even when it’s a mass game wide issue