Pocket Gems Holiday Hours


Hey folks,

Tuesday is a holiday at our office. Most of the staff is out of the office by now, and many folks won’t be back until the new year. My team is pretty emptied out as well for the next week or so, so please understand that we’re not likely to be incredibly active on the forums until after the 2nd. The PX team has a lot of plates to keep spinning so we can’t give them as much personal attention as we’d like.

Atlas Rollout for teams new to platinum

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :+1:t3:


Can you make this a forum announcement? I think that would be helpful.

Have a good vacation (and remember to actually take one).


Assuming no updates are planned during the holiday period?


Apple shuts down updates


Moved into the Announcements category. No releases are planned during this time as Apple does shut down.


Happy Yule and New Year to the PX Team. Enjoy your time off!


Have a nice Holiday everyone!

I wonder what @PGJared will be cooking during the Holiday season and if those pans he keeps will be put to good use! Maybe there’s an off-topic post about Holiday menus in the right section of the forum? I hardly ever check there :thinking:… “Keeper of Pans’ Kitchen” sounds about right :stuck_out_tongue:


Current plan is a lot of casserole-style stuff. Updated green bean casserole, kind of a hasselback potato style dish, roasted cippolini onions, risotto, cranberry sauce.


Can I wish you Merry Christmas without being chastised? If so, I just did. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t bump the thread LX, sheesh.

Merry Xmas PG. I hope nothing blows up in the next two weeks :crossed_fingers:


Wonder how are Jared’s gingerbread cookies doing :grin:
I’ve read so many mentions of those infamous cookies ever since Halloween I’d love to see ‘em :smile:

Anyway Merry Christmas PG :christmas_tree:

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