Pocket gems is a fraud

• GREAT GAME WAR DRAGONS BUT OUT OF YOUR POLICY OF RACISM DISCRIMINATION AND BY SKIPPING THE RIGHTS OF THE CONSUMER, I’ve been playing that online game for almost three years now, it’s a team war game of 50 with those who interact and speak, both with those of your team with the other teams … that’s why you know and you talk to a lot of people A curious fact is that a large number of game administrators are spread over the highest teams of the first league.that are those who then make unilateral decisions in everything related to company policy. For a long time that same company, to suspended amounts of Hispanic accounts that seen from outside had a clear racist nuance, it is true that there was a lot of pique between Anglo-Saxon teams and Hispanic teams … the conversations went up in tone and it’s true that certain people came to use strong insults on both sides. Very strong insults for a of the parties and clearly homophobic and racist insults by the other party to warm the environment … between these discussions people entered, sorry I think the term correct would be well-known individuals in the game and belonging to the first three teams of the diamond league. They wisely used adjectives used wisely to warm up more the environment. It must be said that all the fights in the chat started in the same way. Prohibition on the part of certain users to use the Spanish language in the league chat, based on opinions so the league warmed up … after those pitched battles, there was a wave of suspension of accounts, what a coincidence that always fell Hispanic accounts, The curious fact was that with the people who had the clashes you attacked their islands And you had some words in the mail, they were the ones who later became executioners at the time of the suspensions … I think I kept alive at that time, because although I did not shut up I tried not to fall into insults and disrespect. There were other curious facts of which I still keep proofs, and they were in the events of season where you drew dragons, and at construction events, when an event entered in season, it was not a few hours when you were suddenly attacked by newcomers dragons of season, in expert … evidently it is not necessary to say by which equipment arrived those attacks. And in the construction events that implemented an extra level rise, to the few hours the bases that you had a hard time attacking, they had climbed to the top all the Towers, those of us who did not cheat, evidently we saw ourselves more and more removed from the level, and those who used some tb trap had problems to reach them … Things got worse when the first Hispanic teams began to climb the league diamond, the first time I think two teams lasted 24 hours before hitting them a review of baneos, and the other team that was maintained for some time in the league, was maintained by the ban that he had to speak anything in the league, and could spend a season because for safety he respected all the teams that were ranked 15 up, as they commented better not touch them … And as the Hispanic teams went back up, the shadow of the banos lurked … if I realized that there was an increase of people who used some kind of trap, I imagine because of the impotence that left the one that they expel you without any explanation, and ignoring the accusations put, Taking almost three years in the game makes you know almost all the players, or at least those who they play in important leagues, keeping in mind that we almost started at par and we know each other a long time ago. The game administrators who play always try to maintain hidden in, as much as possible their identity but apart from knowing them also we know people teammates of them, and they anticipate us when they are going to do some cleaning) when they gave a very strong cleaning of Hispanic clans, they have never been able to meet proof of that, because in the end they were throwing some players of some Russian Japanese team etc, and with any accusation was doubtful … they have always been satisfied with saying that seriously violated the terms of use and the behavior policy, well that’s the automatic message that I have been seeing repeatedly for almost three years, I think that signed by the same person many times by one Joshua. There were also what are called gambling mistakes, there was one that was called a jump, a failure in the game that through the date change in the system allowed you to obtain resources, build without watches and train dragons with xp multipliers, what a coincidence that the escape of that information came from the teams where the administrators played, finally you realized because as much as you proposed and despite having an assistant team with resources, you base was increasingly distant and pathetic of those bases … When the knowledge of that ruling began to spread, they saw that their positions were in danger, and again we go back to the massive banns, of accounts of Hispanic teams, although this time they extended to Arabs, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, not with the same amount, but if there were bans in those computers … Now it has been my turn to be in the last cleaning that they have just done, this cleaning is not can say that it has been racist, because it has been worldwide, but there is still a high amount of Hispanic accounts. But they have used a form of illegal baiting by discrimination. Which then I’ll explain. The information came out of a flaw in the game, which allowed you to take the prizes all of the season event lines, dragons, and gold chests as many as Do not you have to remove them. No you can imagine where the tip-off came from, As always the same teams, again came the Light of wisdom in my eyes, I finally knew because those dragons attacked me the first day, and because those bases were at the top of everything … But the tip came out two weeks before the end of the event, which we learned in that moment, we do not get much, but if we draw all the rows of events, It was a lot to some I imagine that others would get more but enough for many people got the mythical dragon of event that required to have removed the previous ones complete … but if you could get gold chests for many … it can be said that there were people and a lot that he did not know, there was only one weekend left and I, for example, on my team observed that some were doing it but the vast majority did not, I had a debate with some colleagues and we decided not to transmit it to the team, because we already knew what was going to happen, history repeats itself and We did not want to have remorse to contribute to the expulsion of classmates. after that I change the format of event awards … exactly as when they ended the jump. We know that taking advantage of a game failure to take advantage is considered a trap and all despite that some games put it in their rules that is forbidden, this game does not has, besides that it was a game failure in which you did not have to modify anything, just pick it up from a certain way. That event with that failure has been done more than a year, more than four seasons. And that gave the answer of why certain teams were impossible to match level. As the plots always start, and if there are people still arguing that the man did not reach the moon, with many more data. With the data that is being shuffled you can think that all this could be in a supposed case a controlled action, and with a certain purpose … Has it been a plot to be able to do such a large cleaning? Let’s go to the data … - The information came from the teams where the administrators were. And it gives you the explanation of his amazing progress. - The game servers for the improvements and parts that added to the game were saturated there were constantly days that it was impossible to play, and much more in events. I imagine that a company makes its accounts between investing more in servers, or removing ballast to the servers … This is where the discrimination policy begins Discrimination that if you can prove … they began to close accounts without warning and thousands of accounts have fallen, the closing of those accounts were made by selecting the teams, and respecting the teams related to them, they would pass the program to detect the people who collected all the event prizes, and started doing the filtering of banned accounts, and the filtering was like this On the one hand 1 the teams in which the administrators and teams of friends play with those who interact in social networks they were exempt, I think they threw two accounts no more And then they used a control scale of the expenditure of the last months and I remain like this The players who had spent a lot of money left them as they were. The players who had spent a lot of money lost a third of their level and they removed some packages from the game, but they let them continue, with the pertinent message that they had broken the rules, but they gave them a chance, curious thing is that they took levels and packages and then they gave them 300k or 500k of gems. That according to the criteria of the executioner What happened to him (curious fact about how they use the most aggressive consumer policies by lowering the level and spells and objects to a player in a highly addictive game, and to make sure that person will continue to spend what they encourage, letting them get used to the ease that the gem as to climb. Data also curious and I can not accuse, but enter to see what each person has in your account, look at all the progress, imagine that ip data mail, etc by an administrator, I may have more power for it than the police that would need a court order, but the same in the accounts of hooked players can be done. And another curious fact, that the mail of the forgiveness of accounts, giving him the tug of ears to warn him as administrator and executor I forgave him I came to my hands 10 hours before the bans took place … just like the information … He has been in the game for so many years. And then the players who did not spend or those who spent less than they want we were expelled … they do not answer by saturation, and those who get an answer receive the typical automatic message, that of the same person … Obviously you do not have to be very knowledgeable in laws, to understand that this procedure does not It has been as little suspicious, and certainly discriminatory, for the same penalty some are thrown out, others punished, and some rewarded, and all this without breaking any rule, in the terms of the game do not specify it but what if they have in their conditions that they have right to do what they deem without consulting or notifying, and that you lose the right to claim them, that if they have it well written in the rules of the game … Well, that was the biggest account closure ever made by WAR DRAGONS. They used the mythical dragon’s sneak of event, and some other parameter in the filter of the program that they used respecting certain equipment and a list of accounts obtained from the department of invoicing, then a team of administrators each with their own free criteria was dedicated to finish closing an account for personal reasons that he had, or was engaged in punishing in different scales the accounts that I researched … This reason for discrimination for which it already directly conflicts with the international law of the UN of 1945 'The equality of the human being is that to be recognized as equals before the law and to enjoy all other rights granted unconditionally, that is, without discrimination on grounds of nationality, race or belief. " With the rights of the consumer, not to answer more than the automatic paper. And surely a team of lawyers will see more infractions, to it … But this time seven towns have passed, I propose that every last cent of the spent since the accounts were opened, and then a lawsuit with the signatures of all those affected, to the AppStore and to the Google application store, to sanction and they throw to the application, for the discrimination and the forms carried out by the administrators, that they sanction their discriminatory policy, of which there is evidence and witnesses by both people expelled, as per the people who are still playing at the moment. And this will be reported to each of the consumer rights platforms … and others organisms. I also propose that independent administrators of some control unit, such as the Google and Apple platforms investigate on their own the list of accounts that are will be passed so that they can verify the fraud and discrimination carried out by the game administrators … I know that the explanation has been very long, but it is so that all those who had doubts about those who I’m obviously in favor of legal gambling, and that’s how I answer many of the who will talk about cheating, of course those who were expelled could do some trap, and many surely took advantage of the game’s failures, and others did not They did neither one thing nor the other, and to those who are going to criticize, I would like to tell you two things, one yes. OR they have been in the game for a long time, I encourage them to read again, and if they still think that the cheats must be out, which I will not discuss either, I would like it to be they answered to themselves, that if they discovered a flaw in the game that would bring them benefits, my question is what they would use, it is enough for me to respond, and I advance tb in the answer in the fact that there are many people who could have passed through the obtained advantage, but many other people I have been very cautious when it comes to claiming the permits for the failure … Even so, the performance would have been correct if it affected all players equally, but not It has been like this. So those who claim a fair game, it seems to me that this is not the game … they should look other… Thank you very much, and I wish those responsible a very happy year … and that what they have done is rewarded tb in the same way … Get Outlook for Android
Thanks and have a great day!


My team has tons of diversity on it, and nobody was panned. :man_shrugging:


Up next on the banning block… The author of this post


We can hope.

Sorry can I get a TLDR?

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Millenial was triggered


I didn’t read it all, but the part I did I basically got this out of it. The author is a racist because all they can see is the ethnicity of various groups banned.


Jesus Christ, at least give me paragraphs!


The only people discriminated against were cheaters; cheaters are not a race or ethnicity.

Don’t go away angry, just go away.


We went to English class to get the grades, but also to learn how to write properly. Please, I beg you, paragraphs. Don’t write a boring wall but Rather cover what you had to say in an organised format. If you can’t shorten it down, make it engaging, make it interesting, make us want to read what you’re writing.

Sorry but I quit after the first three lines so I can’t write a response to the topic in question.

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Things I got out of The Wall:
“Get Outlook for Android.”


Anyway here’s a pic of me cuddling my Leos :hugs:


Haha I didn’t even notice that much. Read the caps and the “I’ve played for 3 years” then quit. Just from the intro I realised it wasn’t worth my time :joy:

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This post is like the sapphire wall…slows down all progress


I’m done cuddling with my Leos and finnaly read the post. Bottom line is if they used the cheat or tried exploiting the game then it’s their fault and they should be ban. There is no other reason than that, just pointing out the race of the banned people will not make this any better as it definitely was not a criteria for banning. People like you are the reason why we have wars in real life. Aegmon out :walking_man:t2:

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Bottom line is “Thanks and have a great day”

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Lol stopped reading after the first line and decided to scroll down and read the comments XD

That would be curious if it was true.

Wait, who makes unilateral company policies? Just because you see me come in and discuss company policy doesn’t mean I’m at home sipping a coffee and making stuff up.

We have no way of telling the ethnicity of an account-holder.

Is that true? Is there data on that? We don’t check the ethnicity of teams, so I have no idea how that’d be a thing.

Sounds like you should report the chats.

Who prohibited the use of Spanish?

That’d be another interesting coincidence if it was true. You should talk to some of the banned players who are saying that we’re racist against Arabic nations, or the people saying we’re racist against Russians for the bans. I think if you all get together you can settle on something; or you can figure out that the bans are agnostic of your personal information and are strictly based on how much you or your friends cheated.

I don’t control any islands either in-game our out of game.

The bans were about cheating, not talking trash.

So far all of your facts have been incorrect, so I’d love to see this proof.

They probably shouldn’t have cheated. It’s the best way to avoid a ban.

You know the personal account of every admin? Do tell.

Someone we employed in PX for a long time resolved a bunch of tickets? Must be the Illuminati.

Which teams are these again?

So, you know the demographic information of every account banned? Can you show your work?

So you’re saying that it wasn’t racist but it’s unfair that you and a bunch of people you know where banned for cheating? Maybe don’t cheat.

Wait, are you going to explain how you cheated?

Yep, yep, you just admitted to cheating. Solid plan.

Okay honestly I skimmed the rest. You’re claiming we’re racist for banning you and your pals. Got it. The problem is that we have no idea of the personal identifying information of players. We don’t capture that. Personally, I’d loooooooove if we captured stuff like that because I’m a data nerd.

You’re also right that the bans didn’t affect all players equally. They disproportionately affected cheaters. That is the one demographic we were able to target with 99%+ accuracy.